Color Can Transform Your Home's Energy. Here's Exactly How To Choose The Right One

Written by Moll Anderson

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If you could clear out the cobwebs of your past with a color and a brush, would you do it?

Our powerful sense memory means that the right shade can effectively stimulate your senses, enhance your mood, and bring happy memories to the surface.

Color evokes different feelings and emotions for different people. Maybe you're someone who hates bright colors and prefers neutral tones. Or perhaps the color turquoise always reminds you of peaceful weekends spent at the beach growing up. When you identify the feelings and associations that dictate your color choices, you can transform your home by bringing in the colors that speak to you most deeply.

An exercise to tap into your sense memory

Look around your home and wardrobe, noting the shades that most pull you in and put a smile on your face. Write down three of them.

Then, decide what these colors mean to you personally. What feelings and emotions do they evoke? Write the first three words or phrases that come to mind when you look at each color. These words may be adjectives, or they may be people, places, songs, or memories.

Then assign a color to each room in your home based on the mood you want to evoke. Is there one room in your home that needs an emotional facelift? What is your current emotional connection to that room, and what do you want to change about it?

The colors you choose will affect how you enjoy your home, and it's all about finding ones that inspire you to live your best life. If you're not sure where to start, here are a few pops of color that I've found to be really lovely.


If you want to foster creativity and create an inspiring atmosphere, purple should be your go-to. Whether you're looking to refresh your office, studio, or even hallway-turned-art gallery, violet is one shade that can cultivate creation. Consider a lavender-printed cushion, a purple office chair, or even a vase of purple flowers. Just a little spark of violet can be enough to channel creativity wherever you most need it.


If you're feeling a little down and need an invigorating pick-me-up, rejuvenate with balancing green. The greenery in nature has been shown to boost mood and alleviate stress, so bringing some grass green and fresh mint shades into your home can only be a good idea. If you're not ready to paint your entire space, start with some green foliage. Consider adding a simple centerpiece of fresh herbs on the kitchen island, a bowl of limes to the dining room table, or a succulent in the entryway to welcome guests.


In need of a space to relax and restore? Bring in a touch of softening pastels. In the color world, pastel shades provide balance. Bringing in an air of softness and youth, they can refresh a room like few other shades can and are a great alternative to neutrals. Consider a soft, pale blue for the bedroom or bathroom to add a subtle touch of color.


If you need to boost your energy and add a little happy to your life, go for pops of invigorating yellow. The brightest and most energizing of colors, yellow is basically just bottled-up sunshine. Generally speaking, yellow is warm and welcoming and has been shown to up the happiness factor of those who come across it. Yellow accessories can instantly perk up a room or a person!

For more information about how to use color to transform your home's energy, check out my new book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color.

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