5 Tips to Beat the Summer Office Slumps

I may love suits more than I love yoga clothes, but sometimes wearing a suit all day long, 12+ hours a day like I used to in my prior life, or prior career, I should say, can make you feel less than a million bucks. So here are 5 personally tried, tested, and full-proof tips to get you through the summer office slumps, so that when you finally get to leave the office you can be and live all of YOU.

5 Tips to Beat the Summer Office Slumps

1. DROP the TROPICS. Mango, Papaya, Honeydew, pineapple… all amazing summer fruits, but also fruits that are packed with sugar. Unless you are moving around a fair amount or eating them in less than an urban office portion, you are likely feeling bloated and sluggish. Reach first for berries, apricots, watermelon, and cantaloupe, and instead of a farm worth of each, have a portion no bigger than your hand, so that the fruit enhances your digestion instead of bogging it down.

2. WAIT on the SUNNY CORNER. You know exactly what I am talking about. When you meet a colleague for a coffee or to grab lunch, find the sunny corner, put your face to the sun, and decide to meet there. Your body NEEDS natural sunlight to be healthy and strong, not to mention peppy and happy. Even 2 minutes a day waiting on the corner, or walking on the sunny side of the block, will make an immeasurable difference in your skin, smile, productivity, and day. 

3. WASH AWAY ICE CREAM & FroYo CRAVINGS. The afternoon frozen treat cravings are likely a sign of dehydration. Chug a glass of water, maybe even cold, and then see if that drumstick or FroYo looks or tastes as good. My bet is it won’t.

4. TAKE A SCARF. I sound like my grandmother, but I have to say it. Summer colds are rampid, largely due to the evil air conditioning. Take a scarf to wear around your shoulders or to cover your chest so that you don’t get blasted by the fake cold air every time you are trying to work.  

5. DRINK WATER.  Yeah, you are probably thinking, ‘duhhhhh’. Well I.AM.YOU. is giving you ‘duhhhhhh’ with a purpose. When it is hot out, and you are sedentary, everything slows down. Drinking more water keeps you hydrated, alert and energized by keeping your inside body circulating, draining, and cleansing as it should. Try for two to three litres a day. Yes, you will have to get up for bathroom breaks.

And if you still feel stuck in the office slumps after following these tips & the youtube vids, join ESCAPE the city with I.AM.YOU. @MusictoKnow, 13-14 August in East Hampton, or @standardmiami 30 Sept-2 Oct. For more info on both email info@iamyoustudio.com

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