8 Things You Need To Know Today (October 25)

1. There is an avocado shortage. REPEAT! There is an avocado shortage!

Due to labor strikes in Mexico, the supply of avocados to the United States has been cut in half, sending restaurant owners and health nuts alike into a tailspin. With skyrocketing prices across the board, your chances of successfully finding good guac in the next few weeks (or longer) is slim. Grab 'em while you can. (CNBC)

2. How much you eat has almost nothing to do with how hungry you are.

When you restrict calories, it makes sense that you'd be a little bit hungry. But according to a new study, calorie intake has very little to do with hunger. In other words, you could eat a burger for lunch and still be hungry in a few hours because the world is an unfair place. (The Cut)

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3. Sharing a room with your infant has serious health benefits.

A recent study found that parents who sleep in the same room as their child for the first six months can reduce their risk of SIDS—the mysterious phenomenon in which infants die of suffocation in their sleep—by up to 50 percent. (CNN)

4. This new app is a genius solution to food waste.

The Food for All app can tell users when local restaurants have uneaten food at the end of the day and give them away to buy it at a discounted price, thus cutting down on food waste. Currently being tested in Boston, the app will likely be available in NYC in 2017. (Fast CoExist)

5. Guess what? The most veggie-friendly city is in New Mexico.

If you're serious about not eating meat and eat out a lot, you should probably head to Santa Fe, the most veggie-friendly city in the land, with 29.6 restaurants per 100,000. New York tops the list of the number of restaurants in metropolitan areas offering vegetarian options, with 1,026 restaurants, with Los Angeles a close second. (Fast CoExist)

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6. Shailene Woodley got a standing ovation at the EMAs.

Actress and activist Shailene Woodley's inspiring speech about the need for stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline and helping ensure the availability of clean water was met with a standing ovation at the EMAs. She's inspired the journalists, Hollywood elite, and us, the viewers at home, to stand up and fight for the issues close to our hearts. (The Cut)

7. Meaty vegan burgers are more of a science than an art.

With Beyond Meat, the Impossible Burger, and now Tyson getting in on the mock-meat burger game, it makes you wonder: What does it take to make these plant-based patties taste like the real deal? A lot, actually. Including using plant molecules that provide an iron flavor similar to animal products and finding a combination of ingredients to generate that grilled beef aroma. (The Science of Us)

8. Thousands of Icelandic women protested the gender pay gap today.

In a symbolic gesture today, Icelandic women protested the gender pay gap—the same day, 41 years ago, on which women in the country left work three hours early to protest workplace inequality. Now remembered as Women's Day Off, the act forced companies in the Nordic country to close, proving women's importance in business and propelling Iceland forward in gender equality. Workplace gender discrimination has been illegal in Iceland for 60 years, which makes protests like this so important. The gender pay gap should no longer be an issue, and today, that message was heard. (The Cut)

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