What Pro Surfer Courtney Conlogue Eats In A Typical Day

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What Pro Surfer Courtney Conlogue Eats In A Typical Day

Professional surfer Courtney Conlogue has had quite a year.

The 23-year-old Southern California native ranked No. 2 in the World Surf League's 2016 Championship Tour, and she was featured in ESPN's 2016 body issue. Plus, her Instagram is full of some of the most impressive photos we've ever seen.

While surfers have a bit of a reputation for partying hard (because who cares about a hangover when you're just surfing all day?), Conlogue has found that diet, gym time, and yes, a lack of hangover, are super important for professional surfers these days.

In fact, she told mbg that partying isn't exactly on her agenda — she rarely drinks alcohol.

As for what she does eat (and drink) in a typical day? She opened up to mbg about that, too. Read on.

A typical day of eating looks something like this.

"For breakfast, I'll have steel-cut oatmeal or a breakfast burrito, and for lunch I'll have a salad with some sort of fish," she explained. "Dinner is all about protein, along with a salad or some carbs."

As for snacks, she's all about almonds, walnuts, and granola. Sounds pretty nutritious (and delicious) to us. Conlogue also takes Vega Sport and Endura supplements.


We're drooling over her pre-race meal.

So, is it true that you should never swim after eating? Maybe for some people, but Conlogue isn't one of them,

"It depends on how big the meal is, but I can eat a banana and a peanut butter sandwich about an hour before I surf and I feel fine," she told mbg. "After steel-cut oatmeal I can almost surf straight away. I almost always have a small meal before I surf."

Last but not least, she's a huge fan of coffee.

"I love coffee. I'm a coffee fanatic," Conlogue told mbg. "Coffee is the one thing I know really well!"

Hey, can't argue with that one.

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