My First Homemade Juice

We are in the midst of a a juice boom here in New York City. It's quite possibly a bubble, similar to the great cupcake bubble of the post-Magnolia era, but I'm hoping for a boom.

If you stand on a random street corner, steady your mind, tap into your peripheral vision, you're bound to zone in on juice masters, innovators, tiki stands, and even bodegas jumping on the bandwagon in a surprisingly close radius. So with all this convenient supply, I've been taking advantage of hanging out and soaking up the benefits of juicing.

I never really thought of doing it myself... and then I met the fantastically inspiring, Kris Carr. After we met while making a video for Nissan's Innovation for Endurance campaign, a juicer arrived to my apartment -- a gift from the master herself! It was the coolest present ever. I think Kris was trying to tell me something.

Terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied, I was straight-up intimidated by juicing. Karmically similar to many people I encounter with what I do with yoga, Kris gave me the confidence I needed and a little advice to set me on the right track: 2 parts veggies / 1 part fruit, and you can't really go wrong. Inhale / exhale / repeat. Quid pro quo.

So I present to you, my first at-home-juicing escapade. You can do it, too!

How I made it: handful of kale / handful of spinach / 1 pear

Here's the video:

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