A Quick Facial Massage To Restore Your Skin's Natural Glow

Suffer from chronically puffy morning face, or need to hide the late night you had from your boss? This quick-fix acupressure facial massage will help move Qi and blood in your face to restore your natural glow.

As a licensed acupuncturist, I'll walk you through the massage step-by-step in the video here. You can also follow along with the written instructions below.

Note: I recommend starting with a cleanly washed face and applying a little brightening serum evenly over the skin. (My favorite is organic GLOW serum by Erika Yamaguchi, which spreads nicely and gently wakes up the eyes and sinuses with essential oils.)

1. With your fingers bilaterally outside the nostrils, placed in the grooves on each side of the face, apply a moderate amount of pressure and press upward into that groove three times. The pressure should be that of pressing a doorbell firmly. Sweep your hands across the face, dragging any accumulated edema (swelling) to the next position.

2. Move into the center of the cheekbone, right under your pupil if you're staring into the mirror, and hook your fingers into the underside of the cheekbone. Press firmly three times. Sweep your hands across the face, dragging any accumulated edema to the next position.

3. Press your fingers into the space directly under the cheekbone by the ear, right under the temples. Press firmly three times.

4. Place your fingers under the eye bags, in the inner aspect of the top of the cheekbone (where you'd begin to wipe away tears). Press firmly three times. Sweep your hands to the next position.

5. Find the center of the top cheekbone, under your eye bag below your pupil. Press firmly three times. Sweep your hands to the next position.

6. Find the groove in the outer temples, about 1 centimeter from the hairline and press firmly three times.

7. With both hands, find the inner eyebrows and pinch them. Move to the middle of the eyebrows, then the outer eyebrows, all the time pinching gently and pulling upward.

8. Now, sweep the hands back to position one by the nostrils and repeat the entire sequence three times.

9. End the massage by gently sweeping through positions 1, 2, and 3 and continuing the motion upward through the hair to the top of the head.

10. Open your eyes. Hello, gorgeous, you're sculpted for the day!

For more information on Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture to lift, tighten, and sculpt your face please visit www.paigeacupuncturenyc.com

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Paige Bourassa, MSTOM, L.Ac., RHN

Acupuncturist & Founder Of Shen Medicine
Paige Bourassa is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbologist, Holistic Nutritionist and sushi fanatic who runs her private practice in the heart of Manhattan. After studying Holistic Nutrition and Psychology, Paige became fascinated with the psyches link to illness and went on to pursue her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine focusing on treating psycho-emotional disorders and pain. She prides herself on blending ancient Chinese Medicine with modern science then adding humor and reality to treat regular people who don't know how to pronounce quinoa. Originally a gypsy wild child from Vancouver, Canada, Paige has a passion for healing and adventure which she found happily go hand in hand while treating patients in New York City. For more information or to see how non-threatening the needles are in person, you can contact her here paige@shenmedicine.com, visit her website or her Instagram and Twitter for health tips and general randomness @theacuchick.
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Paige Bourassa, MSTOM, L.Ac., RHN

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