Secrets to Good Money Karma

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Prosperity and abundance is delightful. In fact, it is out-and-out enjoyable! It's time to claim increase and richness in every area of your life. An abundance of love, friends, good food, beautiful dwellings and fulfilling moments are experiences that we all wish for.

Open your feng shui eyes and notice the abundance all around you. Breathe in the mounds of fruits and veggies at the market, the multitudes of fancy cars, the fields of wildflowers and the millions of dollars traded in the stock market every day. Be especially conscious of gracious people who are doing magnificent deeds with their resources. There is an infinite supply that you can tap into. The key is to have the right attitude, plan and actions to bring it into fruition.

Have you noticed that when you are struggling financially, you can't think past your own limited situation? You become completely self-involved because you are continually stressing about paying your rent and bills. It's difficult to concentrate on anyone else or even enjoying your day. An amazing thing occurs when you start to make money. Your energy frees up and you can finally look outside yourself. When your bank account is full, you have the power to create opportunities for others. You can donate to charity; assist others in reaching their goals, give resources to help the environment or support education for the next generation. You can help anyone or any cause just because you want to. You can use your money for good!

As discussed in Chapter 2 of Feng Shui Your Life, one secret to building wealth is to create good karma and incorporate tithing (or donating) on a regular basis. Karma is based on the idea of cause and effect. What you do now comes back to you. In other words, "As you give money, you receive money." You may want to think of tithing as creating a surplus of energetic money in your karmic bank account. The more good karma you amass by tithing, the easier it is to withdraw at the time you need it. Giving regularly is akin to taking out a "karmic insurance policy." Give a small or large amount. Whatever feels right to you is perfect. Release the money knowing that it will come back multiplied.

You also must have a positive attitude about money. Even when times are tough, try to keep your mind open to positive money images. If you were taught the idea that "money is the root of all evil," it is essential for you to erase that belief. You must create new, positive associations with money. Align yourself and emulate philanthropic billionaires who use their money for worthy causes. Money is energy that must be circulated.

Here is a secret to making more money. When you decide that you want to make money to help others, it is easier to make it for yourself. You automatically feel more deserving because you know you will help others at the same time. If your thoughts focus solely on what you will buy and do with your money, the flow decreases. Money must flow in and out of your life. You can't hold on to it and you can't let escape too quickly. Like everything else, harmony exists when there is a balance of prosperity, peace and good will. You are the captain of your ship and you can decide whether you want to experience the world through a lens of prosperity or scarcity. Let’s all choose abundance together.

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