How To Make Every Day Feel Like You're On A Yoga Retreat

At the end of any good workshop or yoga retreat, the most common question asked is: "How do I carry this feeling back to reality?"

Leaving such an experience on cloud nine should be expected, and keeping that good energy with you when returning home can be done, I assure you!

Here are five ways to keep your battery charged for more sustaining bliss:

1. Accept your life exactly as it is.

The same is true for the spiritual aspirant — the environment setting for these relaxing and restorative getaways is often conducive to learning, growing and relaxing. But most of us haven't created this kind of environment at home or work, and that's OK.

No, you don't have to transform your home into a tropical paradise, or your office into an ashram. Accepting what you have now and where you're at in life is all you really need to maintain the bliss. You can keep some of that good juju from your recent retreat or vacation by accepting that it won't always be around, instead of lamenting when it goes away. Acceptance is what makes those good vibes last a whole lot longer.

2. Connect to the source.

You can take comfort in knowing that a big boost of energy is always available to you whenever you need it. You can get back to whatever gives you the biggest charge by connecting to the source in whatever way works best for you. Maybe it's yoga or meditation, or even going for a long run.

This is about your own self-preservation. Regardless of obstacles and naysayers, get yourself to where you need to be by establishing a connection to the source and plugging in whenever you need a boost. This has to be a place with minimal distractions and lots of support. The light of wisdom will set you free, but in order to get there you must first step away and be with yourself.

This is where you can really grow. Using the mantra, "I must go to grow" does the trick every time!

3. Know your kryptonite.

Become aware of what soaks up your power — there are many things that may! Only give your power to the things that ultimately will empower you, or are worthy of your time. Think of the apps you keep running on your phone when you're not using them — don't keep the things that drain your battery running through your mind when you don't need them, and don't allow negativity within you or others to permeate your being.

4. Identify the little boosts.

Find the little things that you can do to keep you going. Study, be of service, drink a green juice — we all know the little things can really start to add up! This will help with overall maintenance to help sustain your spiritual growth in the long run.

5. Be in the here and now.

At workshops and getaways we are at our most present. But in the day-to-day no matter who we are and what we do, we are constantly looking back to the past that is dead or ahead to an unborn future. And there is no bigger drain on you than this!

Being present gives us energy — it never drains us. Be here in the now and stay focused. Sure, you can plan ahead, but then bring your head back here once you're done. This is why kids are full of life, they don't worry about the past or have anxiety over the future.

Being present isn't something that just happens because you want to be, it takes a ton of work. Attempting to hold the mind in place takes a strong intellect and lifelong practice.

Try these five directions and you will be floating high on cloud nine without any need to ever coming down.

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