Simple Rules For Eating Breakfast (Or Not!)

The ideal breakfast is a combination of carbohydrates and protein, such as yogurt and cereal and fruit or eggs with whole grain toast. Let go of the muffins, bagels, and danishes, which only serve to make you more hungry a short while after you eat them.

Pure carbohydrates turn quickly to sugar in the bloodstream and trigger an insulin reaction in the body. Once the insulin is released, the blood sugar drops again and once again you are hungry!

Keep it simple and keep it healthy.

What if you're not hungry when you wake up?

I run five miles early in the morning. The endorphins that are raised when I run cut my appetite until midmorning, so I eat my breakfast midmorning when I am ready.

If you get up and exercise or are just "not a morning person" and don't feel like eating at breakfast time, don't stress. Figure out your nutritional needs (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), and eat when you're hungry! Don't force in calories when you're not hungry, but at some point in the morning, set your "body machine" in the right direction and fuel your body effectively.

What should everyone know about eating breakfast?

1. Your body has been without fuel for at least eight hours and needs something to get started, so as soon as you feel ready get in at least some healthy fluid to start (a healthy drink, fresh squeezed juice or a piece of fruit).

2. Eat when you're hungry; don't force in calories before you are ready!

3. In order to set your day in a healthy mode, start your day off right with a mix of carbohydrate and protein and you will stay full until lunch and have energy and pep!

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