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9 Awesome Ways To Use Olive Oil (That Have Nothing To Do With Food)

Megan Porschen
Natural makeup artist By Megan Porschen
Natural makeup artist
Megan Porschen is an eco, organic, cruelty-free Makeup Artist and Esthetician based in Los Angeles.

I love olive oil. And not just because of how it tastes on fresh vegetables. This versatile oil is a wonder when it comes to your skin, hair, and even basic household cleaning.

Here are 9 ways to use olive oil:

1. Use it as a hair conditioner.

Mix 1 TBSP of olive oil with 1 TBSP of jojoba oil and apply to dry hair. Work it in from the scalp to the tips of your hair. Leave on for 30 minutes, then shampoo hair as normal. This mixture makes your hair feel like silk!

2. Use it to shave.

Olive oil gives a close and soft shave when used instead of shaving cream.

3. Remove makeup, especially around the eyes.

Using your pinky finger or q-tip, dab a very small amount under and around the eyes to remove the "raccoon look." Avoid getting it in your eyeballs. Then cleanse your face as normal.

4. Shine your stainless steel pots.

It works like a charm! Apply a small amount on a clean, lint free cloth and wipe your pots.

5. Nourish your cuticles.

Massage a small amount on nail beds and cuticles for a minute.

6. Use it to moisturize.

Apply to your skin after a nice bath or shower.

7. Dust your wood furniture with it.

Apply a little bit of olive oil to a soft, lint free cloth or microfiber cloth. Then wipe down the table as you would with any wood polish.

8. It can get things unstuck.

Use it as a lubricant for a sticky zipper, and other things!

9. Use it to prevent wax from sticking to a candle holder.

Place a small amount of olive oil on cloth and wipe the candle holder until it's lightly coated.

There you go!

Something to keep in mind: It's best to purchase local and organic whenever possible. This helps support your local family farms and businesses who work so hard to practice sustainable agriculture and care for the environment. I have an amazing olive oil company near me that is "beyond organic" as they like to say, called Temecula Olive Oil Company.

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