Feeling Powerless? 6 Ways To Stand Up For Yourself

Written by Angela Kristiansen

As a yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach, I've been practicing keeping my ego in check for years.

My yoga teachers showed me how the ego attacks, seeks, and defends power relentlessly. The yoga practices helped heal my anxiety and depression, which had spiraled out of control during my divorce three years ago. The mindset that comes with these practices has been proven to be a seriously valuable tool in my life-skills tool-belt.

Recently, however, I'm shifting into a new phase of healing and transformation, and finding tremendous growth in cultivating my personal power. Standing up for yourself, honoring yourself and loving yourself are as important as ego awareness and non-duality (seeing things as neither good nor bad).

If you have a history of not-so-great relationships, it's particularly important to learn to stand up for yourself. You must learn to get what you deserve. You deserve self-respect, self-confidence and a sense of sexy, soulful personal power. I know from personal experience it's very challenging to cultivate your personal power when you feel vulnerable, sad, weak, disconnected and lifeless. With support and guidance from an expert you can change and create new confidence and power! If I did it, so can you!

Here are my tips for shifting your energy so you can stand up for yourself with confidence:

1. Get centered. Find some stillness and get grounded.

Take a few minutes to come back to your breath and awareness.

2. Don't be afraid to face what’s really bothering you.

If you face the truth, you increase your chances of feeling better. It no longer has power over you.

3. Ask yourself, what or who is making you feel powerless?

For me, I had been thinking about my ex-husband, and I reached out to him thinking we should meet up before I move to San Diego. Deep down I was hoping he would be nice to me and apologize for something, anything. Within days of reaching out, I fell into a spiral of fear, sadness, worry and powerlessness. I had no idea what was happening — I just knew I felt "off." Yesterday, I realized what was happening to me. As tears fell down my face at the beach, I knew it was about empowerment. I remembered a dream from the night before. In my dream I was with my ex-husband and he had my home and my car — he had all my power!

4. Take the emotion out of it and evaluate things from a rational perspective.

Often our emotions are clouding our perception, so once you know what has been robbing you of your self-power, it's time to flip your perspective. Today I feel completely different after recognizing the truth of the situation. My ex-husband does not have my power; I don't need anything from him before I move. Today I feel less afraid, less sad and less numb. I feel alive, in control and free.

5. Bounce back!

What helps you feel empowered? My yoga practices cultivate a deep-rooted sense of power and safety within me. I rolled out a yoga mat in the grass and did yoga today, only for 10 minutes, but in that time I realized why yoga heals me. I was grounded in the earth, standing in Warrior Two, feeling strong and powerful. I find peace and confidence during one-legged pigeon where I can rest and relax safely and securely.

6. Harness your awareness.

There is no script for getting what you want and deserve. It's the energy behind your words and actions which get results. You must feel your confidence, power and strength. It is possible to transform your life and get what you want and deserve. You can cultivate new behaviors, new confidence and you most certainly can learn to truly honor and respect yourself. Are you ready to break old patterns and behaviors? Are you ready to create change in your life?


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