How To Make Resolutions That Satisfy Your Soul

This time of year inspires many of us to stop and think about who we are now and what kind of person we'd like to become. It's easier to make body resolutions (I want to run a marathon in 2014, or I want to lose 25 pounds) than soul resolutions, because body-focused goals can be broken down into smaller, more easily attainable goals (losing 1 pound a week, for example, or running 2 miles).

Making soul resolutions is more challenging. Goals related to your inner soul or spirit are usually less measurable. Becoming a more loving person, for instance, is subjective. So is wanting to be more optimistic, as it's tough to chart whether or not one has been successful at changing negative thoughts into positive ones.

Your soul may need a spark to keep from getting bored on the road to becoming who you want to be. This can be simpler than you think, however, if you use a few of the following tips.

1. Ask yourself what's important in your life.

If the answer is something you're not doing enough of, you may want time to make some changes in how your spend your time.

2. Readjust your expectations.

There are times when you might think you should have already attained a particular achievement, yet find that you're still struggling to achieve your goal. Instead of becoming bored or impatient with your journey, make whatever it is you're doing at that moment the priority instead of the end result. Let your present actions inspire you, and find fulfillment in them.

3. Suffer with dignity.

Not everything in life will be easy. Sometimes you have to suffer through something boring or uncomfortable. During these times, find the place of calm inside your soul that can be at peace. And know that suffering doesn't last forever, and challenges usually get easier if you can stay with them.

4. Laugh.

Boredom breaks down with laughter. It may not change your outer world, but it will help your soul feel good.

5. Give thanks.

Your soul is free to live unbounded when it is grateful. And if you're alive, there's always at least that one thing to be grateful for. What bores the soul may still be there, but your soul hopefully won't be affected by it.

6. Stop overthinking.

Stop allowing boredom to sneak in to your thought processes. It's your mind that causes boredom. You soul is busy taking in all the beautiful impressions that surround you.

7. Reflect on day-to-day actions.

Staying on track with transformations of the soul are most easily seen by reflecting on one's day-to-day actions. Was I kind in my interaction with a family member today? Did I stop and change a limiting thought into a supportive one when I felt doubt yesterday?

Make working toward changes of your soul a daily practice. This is one way to redesign who we are from the inside out.

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