How To Master Time Management To Live A Life You Love

“Time is gold” is a famous saying you've undoubtedly heard. Its message is simple: value time, for it's as precious as gold. But do we really practice what we preach? Most of the time, we don’t. We only value time when it's convenient for us. Learning how to manage your time wisely might sound a little cliché for some people, but it’s an important skill to have, especially to improve your discipline.

Here are three benefits of improving your time-management skills:

1. You can make time tick at your own pace.

Whenever people do something that’s expected to be finished in a certain amount of time, they focus too much on the deadline and sometimes overlook factors that may have improved their final output. Do you react the same way?

Realize that you can make time tick at your pace — not the other way around. To do so, don’t focus on how long you have to finish something; think instead of what you can do to maximize that time. Every minute you worry about the nearing deadline is a minute of productivity wasted. Learning how to view time as something you can manage to accommodate your needs is a better path to take than believing you must adjust your pace just to catch up with time.

2. You'll develop better self-discipline.

Learning how to manage your time wisely will help improve your self-discipline. Single parents are a good example of this. Have you ever wondered how they go through morning preparations every day? They wake up, make breakfast, assemble lunch boxes, help their kids get dressed, and send them off to school while making their own preparations for work at the same time. Doing this on a daily basis improves their time-management skills and, subsequently, their self-discipline. Ultimately, it all comes down to having the self-discipline to make smart choices. For example, instead of lounging around the house in the morning watching the morning talk shows (a viable choice), they’re committed to doing something that can be beneficial to themselves or their kids, so they choose to stay disciplined and productive.

3. You'll become more committed.

Managing your time wisely teaches you the value of commitment and focus. When you know how to parcel your time to fit your activities, you practice prioritization. You identify which tasks are more urgent than others, and you make your own schedule based on whether you can commit to all the tasks at hand and see them all through to completion. By doing so, you instill in yourself the attitude to do the best in everything, no matter how menial or grand a task may be. By learning time management you learn the value of commitment, and commitment comes with discipline.

The good news is that you don’t have to restrict yourself in order to improve your self-discipline. The notion that you won’t learn anything unless you learn the hard way is simply not true. The key is to make the effort. When you take the steps to manage your time properly, you will notice your discipline and resilience grow exponentially.

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