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7 Signs You're With The Wrong Partner

You wanna know if you're with the right partner, you have to start with knowing why you want to be in a relationship at all. And when it comes down to...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
February 11 2016

The Only 10 Things Standing Between You & The Life Of Your Dreams

Recently, I realized that fear was just an illusion I used to keep myself from pain, and it was something I could control from within.

Kerissa Kuis
February 10 2016

How To Be Great At Flirting (Whether You're Single Or Not)

Flirtation is simply the art of conversation, amped up a notch. I’ve always been a good flirt, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become better. Here are...

Monica Parikh
February 9 2016

5 Simple Self-Care Rituals For Confidence

Here are five simple self-care practices and rituals to help build confidence from the inside out.

Deborah Hanekamp
February 7 2016

Feel Competitive Or Jealous? Here's How To Channel Your Energy Positively

Unfortunately, we live in a world where competition is accepted as a way of life by most people. It seems to exist in all facets of society, from the...

Seline Shenoy
January 13 2016

Can't Afford A Life Coach For 2016? Read These 10 Books For Your Best Year Ever

Need a life coach to help get your life together, but unable to get your life together enough to save for a life coach? We've all been there. Drop...

Emma Mildon
January 3 2016

New Target Ad Proves Any Age Or Shape Can Rock A Bikini

That old "rule" about not wearing a bikini after a certain age? Forget it. In a Facebook post this week, Target Australia shared a photo...

Allie White
December 5 2015

How To Keep Going When Your Friends & Family Don't Get What You're Doing

When I first left my corporate job in advertising to start my business as a writer, life coach, and speaker, I struggled with feeling accepted by my...

Shannon Kaiser
October 5 2015

How To Finally Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

I don’t know about you, but when I compare myself to others I always feel drained, insecure, and unhappy and find myself creating stories about how...

Kate Eckman
September 6 2015

7 Ways To Become A Love Magnet

A great body, wicked sense of humor and nice smile will land you lots of dates. But if you’re looking for an emotionally rich, long-term relationship,...

Vishnu Subramaniam
August 24 2015

Why You Still Don't Know What You Want To Be When You Grow Up

Your stomach knots up just thinking about entering your office building each morning. You have a perpetual feeling that your current job is not the...

Alison Elissa Cardy
August 13 2015

I'm A Plus-Sized Model. Here's Why I'm Tired Of "Real Women" Campaigns

I love seeing ad campaigns that use women of different shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. It's refreshing and uplifting after so many years of...

Kate Eckman
August 7 2015

Get Confidence Quick! These Tricks Can Help

I was backstage, about to give a presentation, and as each new person sat down my anxiety increased while my confidence plummeted. I was having a...

Annalicia Lynn
July 20 2015

3 Steps To Regain Confidence When Your Insecurities Get Triggered

Last week I got an email from my ex-boyfriend. He asked me for a favor: he wanted to get in contact with someone I know. And in his email, he spelled...

Shelly Bullard
July 17 2015

10 Ways To Remind Yourself You're Worth It

As a therapist who helps women manage career stress and relationship issues, I find that the root of many problems we face in these areas have to do...

Nathalie Theodore
July 9 2015

10 Tips To Raise A Child With Resilience & Self-Esteem

Although there are many ways of defining the concept of self-esteem, in general the term encompasses the way we think and feel about ourselves, and...

Dr. Jill Emanuele
June 22 2015

7 Tips To Stop Feeling Embarrassed By Adult Acne

For the past five years, I suffered from adult acne, and not just the “oh, look, I have a teeny tiny spot” kind. No. The type of acne I dealt with was...

Amanda Davies
June 14 2015

20 Reasons I'm Happy To Be In My 40s

The transition from 30-something to 40-something is like a kind of initiation. At first, embracing the body’s changes (like hair growing in odd places...

Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken
June 8 2015

6 Ways To Empower Your Daughter To Have Positive Body Image

I hate my hair. It is too curly. It is too straight.

Rosemary Clark
June 3 2015

5 Reasons To Do Push-Ups Everyday

There aren't many exercises that engage every muscle in the body, burn significant calories and tone up the abs quickly. Fortunately, push-ups are one...

Nora Tobin
May 26 2015