Top 10 Foods For Detoxing

With a new year and changes in season, it’s typical to come across countless articles and advertisements about detoxing and cleansing, from companies selling their powdery shakes and strangely-sweetened bars, to professionals recommending crazy fasts and liquid cleanses. While there are plenty of decent detoxing programs out there, the good news is that nature provides lots of help in this department on her own. Below are 10 detoxing superstars you can find in the produce section. Incorporate these often to jumpstart your body’s automatic and natural cleansing work.

About the Author

Megan Rogers is a licensed psychotherapist and board-certified health coach living in Denver, CO. Her holistic approach to mental health and wellness allows her to help women of all ages meet the challenges of career, relationship, and food with vibrant energy and self-confidence. Megan is passionate about supporting clients through depression, anxiety, and life transitions so they can discover the balanced and amazing life they were meant to live, full of meaning and without self-deprivation or guilt.