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Lori Shemek, Ph.D.

These 20 Gut-Friendly Foods Lead To Weight Loss

Your microbiome is your key to weight-loss success. Here's how to feed it the right way.

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
February 25 2016

6 Foods Your Body Needs to Shed Fat: A Doctor Explains

Are you doing everything to lose weight but without success? The scale stays the same or keeps climbing upwards? Do you have belly fat? You are not...

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
November 11 2015

9 Foods To Fight Inflammation + Boost Your Mood

Foods have a marked impact on our moods, but too many times when we’re struggling to get through the day, we reach for the very snacks that only bring...

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
July 16 2015

11 Ways You're Inadvertently Causing Inflammation

We’ve all experienced inflammation. Think of that sprained, swollen ankle, that cut finger, or that miserable head cold. Inflammation makes its...

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
May 17 2015

15 Easy Things You Can Do To Fight Inflammation & Boost Your Metabolism

Regular readers of mindbodygreen know that chronic inflammation has been linked to a host of ailments — from depression and weight gain to cancer —...

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
May 12 2015

9 Inflammation-Fighting Vitamins & Minerals (And Where You Can Get 'Em)

Some vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are particularly useful in our fight against inflammation. Here’s a list of some of the phytonutrients that...

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
April 28 2015