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Lisa Mitchell

5 Ayurvedic Rituals To Start Your Days Right

Ayurveda has so much to offer in terms of healing and preventive health, and one of the best ways to begin to explore this ancient practice is by...

Lisa Mitchell
March 2 2015

8 Natural Cleansing Practices

Increased awareness in health and well-being has many people turning to natural cleanses practices. Cleanses can assist those who wish to lose weight...

Lisa Mitchell
March 1 2013

4 Causes of Suffering in Our Lives

The amazing thing about the universal teachings in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is that the 196 threads (sutras) pertain primarily to the mind.

Lisa Mitchell
December 3 2012

5 Tips for Teachers to Have a Happy and Healthy Vinyasa Class

Hopefully, you've had the opportunity to attend a vinyasa yoga class that left you feeling inspired and open to new possibilities--not just in your...

Lisa Mitchell
October 23 2012

Do Material Objects Control You? 6 Ways to Know

Yoga emphasizes a focus on things that cannot be lost, such as putting positive intentions and actions into the world. Yet even yogis get caught in...

Lisa Mitchell
October 22 2012

5 Yogic Lessons About Living Simply

I am so blessed to have been able to learn from a guru such as Sri Dharma Mittra. His teachingsare vast and encompass all Eight Limbs of classical...

Lisa Mitchell
October 5 2012

Juice vs. Smoothie: What's Your Drink?

So you're considering incorporating smoothies and/or juices into your lifestyle, and not sure which route to go...

Lisa Mitchell
October 4 2012

10 Reasons to Practice Shoulderstand Every Day

Shoulderstand (sarvangasana) is often referred to as the “queen of all yoga postures,” with Headstand being deemed the “King.” The many benefits of...

Lisa Mitchell
September 21 2012

7 Laws to Live Your Yoga

World-renowned author, Deepak Chopra, proclaims that by following these seven laws, we can attain vitality, joy, and enthusiasm for life. These laws...

Lisa Mitchell
September 5 2012

5 Reasons to Practice Hot Yoga

Since the opening of my Hot Vinyasa studio in 2007, there has been an influx of hot studios popping up in our immediate and surrounding areas. Hence,...

Lisa Mitchell
August 30 2012

15 Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

I recently began taking apple cider vinegar shots a few times a day for a quick and effective energy burst, however, I've since discovered so many...

Lisa Mitchell
August 21 2012

The Yogic Diet: 10 Foods to Enjoy & Avoid

“And he knew that food was Brahman. From food all beings are born. By food they live and into food they return”. – Upanishad 3.2

Lisa Mitchell
August 20 2012

8 Reasons Why We Use Ujjayi Breath in Yoga

In Hatha Yoga, we use a form of pranayama (the yogic science of breath) called Ujjayi. This particular style of breathing is said to enhance and...

Lisa Mitchell
August 16 2012

Living Don Miguel Ruiz's Five Agreements

"By practicing the Five Agreements, what you are really doing is respecting everything in creation. You are respecting your dream; you are respecting...

Lisa Mitchell
August 11 2012

10 Reasons to Love Wheel Pose

Urdhva Dhanurasana, otherwise known as upward facing bow or wheel pose (Chakrasana), is an intermediate/advanced backbend that offers many benefits to...

Lisa Mitchell
August 2 2012

5 Reasons Why Vegans Have Better Sex

Veganism is more than a diet; it is a philosophical lifestyle choice. A vegan does not eat anything that is of animal origin, nor will they use...

Lisa Mitchell
July 27 2012

3 Yoga Mats for Sweating, Not Slipping

Finding the right yoga mat becomes a priority once we decide to take our practice more seriously. Slipping and sliding on a yoga mat can be...

Lisa Mitchell
July 24 2012

10 Reasons to Do a Headstand Every Day

Headstand (Shirshasana) is often referred to as the king of all yoga poses. Here are 10 reasons why headstand should be practiced everyday.

Lisa Mitchell
July 18 2012

How the Yamas & Niyamas Can Help You Become a Great Yoga Teacher

To be an authentic yoga teacher, we must practice what we preach - in our thoughts, words and actions.

Lisa Mitchell
July 17 2012

Yoga, Yamas & Vegetarianism

"No true or lasting happiness can come from causing unhappiness to others. No true or lasting freedom can come from depriving others from their...

Lisa Mitchell
July 16 2012