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Karen Fabian

10 Tips for More Compassionate Yoga Teaching

I consider myself a compassionate person. But the other day, as I was teaching a class, I had a lesson in compassion. A newer student arrived right as...

Karen Fabian
September 29 2011

10 Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher

I spent most of this week with a group of people who love yoga at the Baptiste Power Flow Immersion led by Baron Baptiste in Estes Park, CO. Over the...

Karen Fabian
September 23 2011

7 Tips on Making the Switch from Corporate Job to Yoga Teaching

The first time I made the switch to teaching full-time, it was after a year of planning, saving, moving, downsizing, researching, practice teaching,...

Karen Fabian
September 14 2011

The Simple Lessons of September 11, 2001

As the 10th anniversary of September 11th approaches, I find myself getting emotional every time I hear one of the stories associated with that day....

Karen Fabian
September 8 2011

Teaching Absolutes

When I was a new yoga teacher, it was suggested that I never use music in my classes. For years, I didn't and I didn't teach in a studio that...

Karen Fabian
August 31 2011

7 Tips for Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training

I've recently had some wonderful conversations with people interested in attending a yoga teacher training program. These conversations have spanned...

Karen Fabian
August 25 2011

Keeping Yoga Simple: Tips for Assisting Students in Class

After my first teacher training, I started teaching a group of friends once a week. Eager to put my training into practice, teaching friends was a...

Karen Fabian
August 17 2011

Women's Wisdom: Simple Inspirations on Health & Wellness

In August of 2010, a few women in my area shared their interest in a home-based yoga program. Looking for a smaller group environment within which to...

Karen Fabian
August 10 2011

Keeping Yoga for Kids Simple

I had a blast teaching a group of 8 year-olds today. Sharing yoga with kids never ceases to amaze me. They dive in, fully, completely, without...

Karen Fabian
August 5 2011

The Intersection of Business & Mindfulness

Before I was practicing yoga, I worked in the corporate world. Hardly thinking about mindfulness, it was all I could do to find time to eat a decent...

Karen Fabian
July 27 2011

Keeping Yoga Language Simple

The other day I was teaching a yoga class and a voice went off in my head: "Be quiet and watch." I realized that I was so busy speaking that I wasn't...

Karen Fabian
July 19 2011

Keeping Teaching Simple

When I finished my first teacher training with Baron Baptiste in 2002, I immediately looked for a chance to start teaching. Funny, because I wasn’t...

Karen Fabian
July 8 2011

Keeping Yoga Simple in a Complicated World

When I started taking yoga classes, I had no yoga experience. A blank slate, I absorbed the poses, the philosophy, the teacher training, the music,...

Karen Fabian
June 30 2011