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Gracie X

How I Talk To My 10 Year-Old Son About Sex (And Why That's Important)

I believe it’s my job as a parent to make sure my kid is thriving in a variety of areas: academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Gracie X
January 27 2016

How I Raised Teenagers Who Tell Me Everything — Even When It's Hard

I needed to make sure they could make good decisions on their own.

Gracie X
December 3 2015

5 Tips For An Earth-Shattering Orgasm You HAVEN'T Already Tried

Next time you’re getting intimate, take the reins, and give your partner some adult sex education.

Gracie X
November 6 2015

Why I Taught My Daughter What A Vibrator Was When She Was 10 Years Old

Unlike a lot of mothers in my suburban community, I have no problem talking to my kids about sex.

Gracie X
October 9 2015

How To Tell Your Partner You Want An Open Relationship

Make this about exploring together, not about what's wrong with your current relationship.

Gracie X
September 10 2015

Why My Husband & I Sometimes Have Sex With Other People

Compersion is such a novel concept that you won’t even find the word in the dictionary.

Gracie X
July 8 2015