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Gracie X

8 Ways To Raise Daughters Who Love Their Bodies, No Matter What

"How do we teach our children to resist the toxic message of our culture, which measures the success of women on how well we fit its mercurial...

Gracie X
November 21 2016

How An Extramarital Affair Could Save Your Marriage

"If done with awareness and care, allowing new people into our lives can be generative to all our relationships—including our marriage. One of the...

Gracie X
July 12 2016

How I Talk To My 10 Year-Old Son About Sex (And Why That's Important)

One day, my 10-year-old son asked me if he could buy a vibrator. “My sister has one — and I want to know what’s available for a boy,” he declared with...

Gracie X
January 27 2016

How I Raised Teenagers Who Tell Me Everything — Even When It's Hard

I needed to make sure they could make good decisions on their own.

Gracie X
December 3 2015

5 Tips For An Earth-Shattering Orgasm You HAVEN'T Already Tried

My mother used to say, “In a world that is largely focused on male pleasure — the female orgasm is an act of revolution.”

Gracie X
November 6 2015

Thinking About Having A Threesome? Read This First

Threesome. Ménage a trois. Orgy. Whatever you call it, the mystique and allure of the concept has shrouded from the majority of the population the...

Gracie X
October 30 2015

Why I Taught My Daughter What A Vibrator Was When She Was 10 Years Old

Unlike a lot of mothers in my suburban community, I have no problem talking to my kids about sex.

Gracie X
October 9 2015

Why My Husband & I Sometimes Have Sex With Other People

I vividly remember the first time I felt it. My husband and I were in the backyard, lazing in the sun, sipping drinks as he told me about what he got...

Gracie X
July 8 2015