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Dr. Kelly Neff

How To Love & Accept Your Body Unconditionally

I can't help but feel a strange apathy about my body sometimes, even though I know that loving and accepting myself unconditionally is integral to my...

Dr. Kelly Neff
May 12 2014

Women, Here's How To Make The Most Of Your Sexual Peak!

Sexual desire changes and evolves considerably over a lifespan. It's a complex and dynamic construct associated with many factors including...

Dr. Kelly Neff
April 11 2014

Why Everyone Should Give The Intuitarian Diet A Try

Every week we encounter hundreds of great suggestions for living a healthier, happier life. These can come from blogs, our friends, from the products...

Dr. Kelly Neff
April 3 2014

5 Most Important Things I Learned About Sex From Teaching Human Sexuality

I have always been an openly sex positive person, so when I had the opportunity to teach human sexuality to college students I jumped at the chance....

Dr. Kelly Neff
March 27 2014

6 Tips To Spring Clean Your Relationships

The Spring Equinox is here, and that means it’s time for some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning! In addition to cleaning out your closet, why not do...

Dr. Kelly Neff
March 26 2014

7 Chakra-Clearing Affirmations To Enhance Your Sex Life

Mainstream media seems to constantly bombard us with tips for better sex, usually involving the physical body or the emotions. Perhaps they are still...

Dr. Kelly Neff
March 17 2014

Are You Turning Spirituality Into A Competition? Read This

Comparing ourselves to others is a natural, often unconscious, part of the human experience. We navigate social comparisons in all walks of life, even...

Dr. Kelly Neff
March 14 2014

4 Steps To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You

Everyone wants to be liked and accepted, but many of us spend too much time and energy worrying about what other people think. You might not even...

Dr. Kelly Neff
February 15 2014