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The Sneaky Foods That May Be Causing Inflammation & Weight Gain

In pursuing an anti-inflammatory diet, consider this your guide on which foods to enjoy—and which to avoid—as you incorporate more anti-inflammatory...

Amie Valpone
November 20 2016

A Better Burger: Millet Veggie Patty + Cumin Cashew Cream Sauce

After a decade of chronic illness, I’ve realized that sometimes our bodies get out of balance with our own well-being. Once I discovered how to detox...

Amie Valpone
March 8 2016

What A Culinary Nutritionist Eats In A Typical Day

Amie Valpone is a culinary nutritionist, cookbook author, and the blogger behind The Healthy Apple. After 10 years of suffering from digestive issues...

Amie Valpone
March 1 2016

A Clean-Eating Soup Recipe To Kick-Start Your Week

Dipping your spoon into this bell pepper–sweet potato combo is like dipping into a bowl of sunshine.

Amie Valpone
January 3 2016

Super-Simple Peach Protein Smoothie

Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean smoothie season is over! In learning to manage my chronic illness, smoothies have become a staple...

Amie Valpone
August 29 2015

Detoxifying Apple + Arugula Salad With Maple Tahini Dressing

When you’re trying to detox, organic salads filled with fresh, whole ingredients are a great option.

Amie Valpone
July 4 2015

Arugula + Quinoa Salad With Cilantro Lime Dressing

Just in time for spring, here’s a simple vegan salad that’s packed with plant-based protein and detoxifying cilantro and arugula.

Amie Valpone
April 2 2015

Perfect Weekday Lunch: Sweet Potato + Walnut Quinoa Bowl

This is a great recipe to pack in a mason jar and take to work. Cooking the sweet potatoes and quinoa does take some time, but the great thing is that...

Amie Valpone
March 23 2015

11 Ways To Create Flavor Without Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Or Soy

Toxins, stress, infections, poor diet and eating processed foods can lead to something called a "leaky gut," a condition in which cells in the gut...

Amie Valpone
January 29 2015

Cleaning Up My Diet Saved My Life

Rather than enjoying the youth and virility of my 20s, some of the 'best years of my life,' I suffered from a decade of chronic illness. It started...

Amie Valpone
November 25 2014