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Why Wellness Warriors Should Care About Football

As America’s most popular sport, football is a big part of life for many of us. Boys in the United States start playing pee wee football around age 6,...

Austin Perlmutter
May 22 2014

Quick Breakfast Fix: On-The-Go Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

This is the perfect healthy breakfast on the go. It's packed with everything you need to get your morning started: hearty oats, antioxidant rich...

Anna Gannon
May 5 2014

Why Chocolate Is Great For Gut Health

For years, researchers have struggled to pinpoint the health benefits of chocolate. Turns out, the answer may have been to go with your gut.

April 30 2014

Start Your Weekend With This Antioxidant Powerhouse Smoothie!

This smoothie is a real antioxidant powerhouse. Blueberries, raw cacao and coconut are all packed with antioxidant and/or anti-ageing properties that...

Pauline Hanuise
April 26 2014

The Super Antioxidant We All Need (And No One Knows About!)

Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent, and it’s also something of a well-kept secret. Outside the wellness...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
April 6 2014

What You Need To Know About Radiation When You Fly

Maybe your business requires you to travel cross-country to consult. Perhaps you have an aging relative who lives far away and you fly frequently to...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
March 25 2014

Why You Should Have A Little Dark Chocolate Every Day

Do you ever feel like health advice has bipolar disorder or at the very least, mood swings? One day margarine is going to save your heart and then we...

Will Clower, PhD
February 28 2014

Finally! An Effective Treatment For Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 5.4 million Americans. But the number of people whose lives are forever changed by the emotional impact of...

David Perlmutter, M.D.
February 7 2014

Want To Get Healthier? Eat Chocolate

The word "cacao" means "food of the gods." Looking closely at its nutritional content, it becomes clear why that name is well deserved, and why...

Sara Vance
January 30 2014

Good News, Coffee Lovers! It's OK To Have That Cup Of Joe

For me, as well as 83% of Americans, a steaming cup of coffee is an essential part of the morning. Coffee is the world’s most popular psychoactive...

Austin Perlmutter, M.D.
January 17 2014

A Mean Red Smoothie To Cure The Blues

When Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn's role in Breakfast at Tiffany's) got the blues, she called them the "mean reds." When I named this gorgeous red...

Holli Thompson
November 6 2013

Superfood Snack: Raw Cacao Maca Truffles

Calling all chocoholics. And nut butteraholics. And anyone who wants a nutrient-packed snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth and power your...

Sarah Maddux
September 5 2013

9 Natural Ways To Treat Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums and support structures in the mouth. It causes bad breath and bleeding of the gums when...

Michael T. Murray, N.D.
August 1 2013

Boost Your Health With These Supercharged Breakfast Toppings

We all know that breakfast cereals are loaded with trans fats, sugar and a whole host of preservatives. Swapping your regular breakfast cereal for...

Lauren Burke
July 19 2013

12 Foods To Fight Inflammation

Although acute inflammation is important and vital for our healing process, chronic inflammation might lead to a number of illnesses. According to the...

Osha Key
July 12 2013

3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight, Look Younger & Boost Health

The world we live in today — with its chemicals, toxins and processed foods — is taking a toll on our health and how we look. In the last 50 years...

An Easy Smoothie For Great Digestion

I love reading recipes, but I never follow them to the letter. One of the reasons is that I love to improvise and balance the flavors myself. Second,...

Osha Key
July 6 2013

8 Best Anti-Aging Foods

Let's face it: no one wants to age. Unfortunately, it's inevitable. But at what rate are you aging?

Hayley Hobson
July 5 2013

The 5 Healthiest Summer Fruits & Vegetables

Summer is the wonderful season when it’s easy to stroll down to the farmer’s market on a weekend morning to find beautiful, locally grown fruits and...

6 Foods To Help You Focus

Let’s say you turn on the computer to do three things and find yourself an hour later, having accomplished none of those. Instead, what you've done...