The Second Chakra - Adore Your Pelvic Floor
There are seven wheels of energy in your body known as the Chakras. These are the internal forces that affect how you experience the world whether you realize it or not. The first of seven is called Muladhara, also known as the Root Chakra. This is your primal energy of security and survival which provides a solid foundation for the other 6 Chakras to be positively expressed. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks.”

Once you’ve established strong energetic roots to a sense of security and personal power, you can open the second Chakra, Svadisthana (“Sweetness"), which allows you to enjoy yourself. Also known as the Sacral Chakra, this energy vortex is active in the hips and the pelvic floor, governing your vital well-being and ability to manifest. It physically corresponds to the reproductive organs and various sex hormones, involving the primal urge to procreate and the awe inspiring miracle of life.

Svadisthana also governs intellectual stimulation in addition to sexual arousal. It involves the concepts of creativity and collaboration in relation to others. Therefore, it deals with your relationships and how you process the emotions involved in interacting with others. This energetic magnetism, physical or mental, can bring people together to create “products” which never could have been created individually.

When your 2nd Chakra is balanced, you have a greater chance of feeling tremendous joy, harmony and pleasure in your life and relationships. When we are out of synch with this energy wheel, we can experience issues of addiction, violence and insatiable emotional needs. Although balancing this Chakra can be confronting, it is often worth the challenge. So get to work and enjoy yourself. Here are a few things to activate the energy of your 2nd Chakra.

1. Surround yourself with the color orange. Go ahead, wear it, eat it, meditate on it, and be willing to experience this color’s stimulating energy.

2. Repeat this powerful mantra out loud, a minimum of 3 times, every day for a week: “I LOVE MY LIFE.” Notice how it feels and how that feeling evolves over the week.

3. Do a deep Hip Opening practice to loosen any blockages or stagnation. If emotions arise, allow yourself to feel them. Let the energy flow.

Reading Recommendation: The Book of Chakras, by Ambika Wauters
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