10 Articles by Sasha Nelson

Sasha Nelson

Suffer From Lower Back Pain? These 3 Yoga Poses

A simple flow to support our entire physical structure, and through that stability, we're able to find more space.

Sasha Nelson
December 26 2018

How Yoga Transformed My Relationship With Food

It healed my relationships and anxiety, too—but we'll get to that.

Sasha Nelson
June 21 2017

Yoga For People Who Think They're Not Flexible Enough For Yoga

These tips will have you rolling out your mat in no time.

Sasha Nelson
January 2 2017

Get To The Mat Even When You Really Don't Feel Like It With These Tips

Because sometimes, the asana just isn't happening.

Sasha Nelson
October 18 2016

How To Use Yoga To Drastically Improve Your Mornings

Goodbye, Snapchat; hello, sun salutation.

Sasha Nelson
September 19 2016

10 Rules To Kickstart Healthy Habits

The question I'm asked most frequently as a health coach and yoga teacher is, “Can you give me some ideas and tips on how to be healthier?” You might...

Sasha Nelson
May 5 2013