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Hope Knosher

How To Handle The Holidays After The Loss Of A Loved One

How do we deal with our grief during times like the holidays — a period that's supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year"?

Hope Knosher
December 23 2015

The Only Yoga Pose You Need For Great Sleep

A Harvard study on insomnia found people who consistently practiced yoga for just eight weeks slept better and longer than those who didn't practice.

Hope Knosher
July 2 2015

8 Ways Yoga Helps Mature Adults Age More Gracefully

One of the most beautiful things about yoga is that it is truly for everybody. With limitless styles and approaches, anyone committed to...

Hope Knosher
March 15 2015

5 Things I Learned From Breast Cancer

I recently received an email asking for any insights or words of wisdom I could share regarding my journey through being diagnosed with and undergoing...

Hope Knosher
April 23 2014

How To Get Centered Anytime, Anywhere In 7 Breaths

It may look as if you are just standing there, but Mountain Pose also called Tadasana (tah-DAHS-uh-nuh), is an active pose helping improve balance,...

Hope Knosher
February 16 2014

An Open Letter To Anyone Thinking About Trying Yoga

A student in my class had never done yoga before. He arrived late, and the only space available was in the middle of the tightly packed room, and...

Hope Knosher
November 16 2013

Why I Love Wheel Pose

When I first got serious about yoga, I would look at people doing wheel pose (sometimes called upward bow) and think, “That’s nice, but I won’t ever...

Hope Knosher
October 23 2013