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4 Great Reasons To Buy in Bulk

Buying food in bulk has a variety of benefits, and it’s easier to do than ever before. Bulk sections are springing up in most major food stores across...

8 Ways To Minimize Your Exposure To Plastic

A recent article in Mother Jones has everyone asking if any plastic is safe, and if it isn't, how to avoid it. It’s easier than you think to find...

6 Simple Steps To Detox Your Home

It’s hard to believe indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor, but it’s true. So says the EPA. The good news is that while you can’t...

3 Ways To Prevent Pests Without Using Pesticides

Insects, bugs, rodents are called pests for a reason. No one wants them around! Getting rid of them is a big priority. Beware the convenience offered...

How To Clean Your Carpets

Most homes have carpet in them somewhere, but one problem with carpeting is that it’s a perfect home to microorganisms such as mold, mildew and dust...

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February 24 2014

5 Easy Steps To Detox & Clean Your Car

If you’re careful about keeping toxins out of your home, have you considered your car? Between running errands, commuting to work, and driving kids —...

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February 12 2014

5 Nontoxic Cleaners That Should Be In Every Home

These common nontoxic household staples are cheaper, simpler, and a whole lot safer.

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January 28 2014

5 Secrets Big Brands Don’t Want You To Know About Your Cleaning Products

The conventional cleaning industry has so many dirty little secrets. Here are a few of the big ones that you need to know before you use these...

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January 11 2014

8 Powerful Plants That Can Detox The Air In Your Home

Did you realize the average American spends 90 percent of his time indoors? That’s a lot of time. Unbelievably, air pollution inside your home or...

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December 27 2013

5 Ways To Detoxify Your Kitchen

The kitchen really gets a workout at this time of year. Families love cooking for the holidays, and kids like to help with baking to share cookies,...

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December 9 2013

10 Toxic Products No One Needs

This stuff just so happens to be where a lot of toxic chemicals lurk.

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November 22 2013

What's In My Cleaning Products? How To Spot Toxins

Few product labels are more difficult to decode than those on conventional cleaning products. This is troubling because cleaners (even those labeled...

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October 26 2013

Why Air Fresheners Do Anything But

No one likes to walk into a stinky room. Bad odors are gross, which is why an entire industry of air fresheners with aromatic scents is available. But...

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October 15 2013

Are Your Child's Art Supplies Toxic?

If you paint, draw, sculpt, bead, weave, or otherwise toy with art supplies, you should know you might be exposed to a whole host of unsafe chemicals...

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September 30 2013

The Toxins Lurking In Your Child's Classroom

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than half of America’s 115,000 schools have poor indoor quality. Toxic substances lurk in...

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September 13 2013

Why You Should Avoid Antibacterial Hand Soap

America is the midst of a serious antibacterial craze. From soap and toothpaste to playing cards and kitchenware, it’s a challenge to find a product...

How To Grill Without Frying Your Health

Somehow it’s August already, which means summer grilling season is in full swing. Whether you’re cooking a fun evening meal or perfecting a dish for...

Why Secondhand Smoke Is REALLY A Big Deal

When we breathe cigarette smoke, we’re exposed to more than 2,500 chemicals, including hazards such as cadmium, formaldehyde, benzene, benzo[a]pyrene,...

Going To The Pool? Tips To Avoid Toxins

For many people—kids and adults alike—the smell of a chlorinated pool triggers sensations of joy. It means that soon they’ll be one with the water,...

6 Roundup-Free Weed Killers

If you have a lawn, chances are your weeds are growing like, well, weeds. Before you reach for Roundup—said to be the world’s most popular...