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More Bad News About Nail Polish

If you wear nail polish, you might be applying more than glossy color to your fingertips.

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October 21 2015

10 Top Tips To Reduce Your Family's Exposure To Toxins In The Kitchen

The kitchen. It's often a space where families come together to prepare meals and catch up on the day. Unfortunately, it's a popular destination for...

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September 15 2015

7 Totally Doable Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Plastic You Use

Plastics are cheap, useful and ubiquitous. They’re also made almost entirely from mixtures of synthetic chemicals that don’t occur in nature.

10 Cheap & Easy Ways To Eat Organic

Choosing organic food doesn’t have to mean a hefty grocery bill. These tips make it possible to save money (and time) when buying organic.

Here's What Your Kids Should Be Eating For Breakfast (Infographic)

In an age of cartoony cereals and tie dye toaster strudels, it can be hard to find kid-friendly breakfast options that aren't highly processed. Use...

5 Steps To Make Sure You're Getting The Purest Nontoxic Water Possible

January is the perfect moment to resolve to drink more water. Come to think of it February through December aregreat months to commit to this healthy...

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January 12 2015

Build A Safer, Healthier Fire With These 8 Tips

What's cozier than a fire? Whether you're having one for warmth or to set a mood, building one with indoor air quality in mind is critical. Smoke is...

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December 23 2014

4 Steps To Giving Nontoxic, Experiential Gifts

Whatever holiday you and yours celebrate this time of the year, chances are pretty good that you're going shopping. Somewhere along the way, cheer and...

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December 8 2014

Which Studies Can You Actually Trust? Here's How To Tell

If you spend any time on social media, or even email, chances are you read, skim, and swap recent scientific studies. It's impossible not to click on...

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October 23 2014

Why You Should Open A Window (Especially When It's Cold Outside)

It's getting cold (in most parts of the country). As we collectively turn our attention to chunky sweaters and cozy blankets, pause for a minute...

5 Toxic Ingredients You Want To Avoid In The Shower

Do you take steps to eat right? Do you avoid toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) in canned food and food storage containers? Then it only makes...

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September 12 2014

3 Common Chemicals That May Cause Breast Cancer

Bisphenol-A, phthalates, and parabens are three very common chemicals that have been linked in various studies to breast cancer.

Fracking: What It Is & Why You Should Care

Fracking is all over the news lately. No wonder. This technology responsible for America’s recent boost in natural gas production has some critics....

9 Ways To Reduce Food Additives & Improve Your Kids’ Behavior

If you limit the amount of sugar your kids eat in an effort to keep them calm(er), consider keeping an eye on the food additives they consume....

8 Tips To Have Toxin-Free Fun This Summer

Summer! How long did we wait for this exact moment? If you haven’t had a moment to catch fireflies yet, chances are you soon will. To wish you a happy...

How To Keep Toxins Out Of Your Home During A Renovation

Renting a house or apartment presents unique challenges when it comes to home improvement. While most renters won’t undergo major renovations, a...

11 Tips To Naturally Protect Yourself From Bug Bites

No matter where you are in the country, summer is clearly on its way. And not a moment too soon — especially if you just survived a brutal winter....