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Emma Dixon, PhD

7 Ways To Raise A Son Who Will Grow Up To Respect Women

A few months ago, I said something to my 12-year-old son that I’d been wanting to convey to him his entire life: “You know, one day you will have a...

Emma Dixon, PhD
August 18 2015

What I Wish People Understood About BDSM

BDSM is the acronym people use to refer to a whole variety of erotic practices involving dominance, submission, other forms of roleplay and more....

Emma Dixon, PhD
August 6 2015

5 (Free!) Ways To Gain Wisdom Every Day

After my marriage ended, I had to make big choices every day: anger versus compassion, forgiveness versus resentment, more television to distract the...

Emma Dixon, PhD
July 6 2015

Why You're Dissatisfied With Life + How To Thrive

It’s one thing to be recovering from a particularly upsetting life event or to be clinically depressed. It is quite another thing to exist in a...

Emma Dixon, PhD
May 22 2015

What I Wish More People Understood About Polyamory

Polyamory refers to a relationship style in which people have, or are open to having, more than one romantic or sexual partner with the consent of...

Emma Dixon, PhD
May 1 2015

5 Ways To Have An Explosive Orgasm

Here are five ways to lengthen, intensify and multiply a climax.

Emma Dixon, PhD
March 12 2015

Why You Should Dress Your Son In Pink & Give Your Daughter A Toy Car

When it comes to the question of gender roles and raising young children, many parents have their opinions. Some have quite visceral (and often...

Emma Dixon, PhD
February 20 2015

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

In my work, I help people recover from childhood sexual abuse or adult trauma. I also help couples expand their sexual repertoire and boundaries in...

Emma Dixon, PhD
January 16 2015

Why A Soul Mate Isn't Meant To Be Perfect

Quite a few single people I know both personally and professionally say they need a partner who is "conscious," by which they do not mean breathing...

Emma Dixon, PhD
December 23 2014

5 Ways To Get What You Want In Bed

In my sexuality education workshops, there is one question people ask me very often: "How do I tell my partner what I like?"

Emma Dixon, PhD
November 25 2014

6 Steps To Find Peace After A Painful Breakup

I married someone I thought I'd be with forever. Twelve years, one massive mortgage, three kids, a dog, eight guinea pigs, and four fish later, my...

Emma Dixon, PhD
November 14 2014