6 Articles by Cindy Saleeby Goulding, M.S., LPC

Cindy Saleeby Goulding, M.S., LPC

7 Free & Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress

What’s important is how we react to pressure and how we manage (and reduce) our negative emotions during the day.

What I Learned Growing Up in a War Zone

My father, who is Lebanese, came to the US in the 1950s to study, and met my mother while he was in graduate school in New Jersey. Soon after they...

10 Superfoods In One Delicious Salad: Why Tabouli Is Such A Healthy Dish

Growing up in a Mediterranean home, I was fortunate to experience the benefits of healthy eating at an early age. I came across an article that noted...

5 Ways To Outshine Depression

People of all ages and any socioeconomic status can be affected by depression, and there is a variety of help available to assist those in need of...