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Amy Lynch

An Energizing Sequence To Invigorate Your Winter Practice

Most of us may think that winter is a time to stay indoors and shut ourselves off from the outside world and cold. Long gone are the days of outside...

Amy Lynch
January 2 2015

6 Yoga Poses to Boost Creativity & Inspire You

Yoga has the ability to move people, not just literally, meaning physically, but also on the inside. A different level than can be measured in pounds...

Amy Lynch
June 4 2012

5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

More and more we see, hear and read news stories or studies about yoga’s benefits for ailments from diabetes to depression, and rightly so. Anyone who...

Amy Lynch
May 4 2012

How to Improve Your Posture Through Your Feet

A house if built on a solid, well planned foundation, will create a great base for the rest of the structure, and so goes the same with our bodies.

Amy Lynch
March 28 2012

Why Relaxation Is an Important Practice

Muscle strength is, of course, the ultimate goal of exercise; whether you want to build mass or just keep your body in shape. It helps the body...

Amy Lynch
March 16 2012