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The 10 Questions To Ask Your Dad This Father's Day That Will Change Your Relationship Forever

"We sat for two and a half hours. He regaled me with stories of his childhood that I had never heard before, moments from my own childhood that I had...

Andrew Horn
June 18 2017

How Being Vulnerable Can Make You A Better Leader

7 ways to help people showcase their best potential.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan
December 12 2016

The Best Sex Ever Comes Down To Just One Thing

Sex should never stop being fun. Here's the key to keeping it spicy.

Jeff Kane, MFT, PhD
April 11 2016

Why You Might Need A Totally Sober Lifestyle (Even If You're Not An Addict)

Vulnerability requires authenticity, and authenticity requires vulnerability. Neither of these outcomes is encouraged by the crutch of substances....

Biet Simkin
April 7 2016

The #1 Thing You're Doing To Make Yourself Unattractive

The heartbreak that followed a particularly difficult breakup turned me into a shell of a person for a year and a half. Then, when I decided I had...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
December 23 2015

Why Grounding Is Difficult For Highly Sensitive People + What To Do About It

Being grounded is an essential skill for empaths and highly sensitive people who pick up emotions from the people and environment around them. It...

Irene Langeveld, M.S.
March 26 2015

Why Vulnerability Is So Necessary (Especially If You're Afraid Of It)

It took me many years to say I was a healer. There is so much stigma attached to the word, as well as skepticism. This, along with my aversion to...

Jennifer Dopierala
January 27 2015

The #1 Way To Build A Stronger Connection With Your Partner

This is the time of year when we make promises to ourselves. Promises about how we'll make this new year different than the last one. We vow to go to...

Sue Johnson, M.A., EdD
December 29 2014

How Coming Out Of The Closet Gave Birth To A New Me

Nine months. The phrase has a resonating twang to it. Women — and men — associate it with pregnancy, and the massive lifestyle change that accompanies...

Lauren Rich
November 24 2014

You Can't Be Happy If You're Unwilling To Be Sad

Stop trying so hard. The message came to me in meditation. I was trying so hard to reach a specific goal, but fell short of my expectation. I fell...

Shannon Kaiser
October 25 2014

Want A Drama-Free Teenager? 5 Ways Yoga Can Help

In my last 15 years of teaching yoga in schools, community centers and studios, one of the most effective methods I have found for engaging...

Abby Wills, M.A.
October 17 2014

Do We Live Photoshopped Lives?

My friend Seth Matlins is campaigning against the routine practice of media outlets Photoshopping the "imperfections" of women's bodies by shaving off...

Jason Garner
October 13 2014

Why Smart Men Do Yoga

Let's begin by identifying an oxymoron: men and yoga!

Eric Paskel
September 30 2014

11 Things All Women Should Know About Real Relationships

Growing up, I didn’t know much about romantic relationships — besides the fact that I wanted a totally different one than my parents had.

Corinne Dobbas
September 17 2014

Are You In Love, Or Are You Emotionally Dependent?

Have you believed you were in love but discovered that you were 'in need' instead?

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
August 21 2014

5 Signs You're Emerging As A Feminine Leader

When I was first emerging into my feminine power, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, and I definitely didn’t know what to call it. But the sense...

Chantal Pierrat
August 19 2014

5 Ways To Be More Courageous To Create A Life You Love

People who are successful in creating a life that’s full of happiness have one simple quality in common: They’re courageous. They’re willing to push...

Megan Hale, LPC
July 28 2014

9 Reminders To Avoid Toxic Partners

About a decade ago, I was enjoying a goat cheese omelet with my good friend Lisa, when she suddenly blurted something I’ll remember forever.

Karen Salmansohn
July 13 2014

What Highly Sensitive People Can Teach Us All About Kindness

I work with a lot of highly sensitive people, and they often start a session like this:

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
July 1 2014