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Sarah Wilson

The Best Meditation Tips For People With Anxiety (From Someone With Anxiety)

"I still find it helpful to hear about other people’s tussles with meditation."

Sarah Wilson
May 5 2018

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cake With Chocolate + Beets

Beets are great for reducing inflammation and supporting the body through detoxification.

Sarah Wilson
February 24 2015

A Vegan Spiced Pumpkin-Chocolate Smoothie

The concept of Halloween has changed over the years, the once simple pagan tradition has transformed into a "big business" venture for the sugar...

Sarah Wilson
October 31 2014

9 Ways To Use Coconut To Kick Your Sugar Habit

Almost four years ago I quit sugar. For years I've experimented with different types of sugar-craving fixes and one of my favourites is coconut....

Sarah Wilson
September 26 2014

DIY: Slow-Cooker Probiotic Greek Yogurt

Make your own yogurt instead of searching the grocery aisles for the right one.

Sarah Wilson
July 6 2014

If You Love Bloody Marys, You'll Love This Cleansing Smoothie

This is an acquired taste, but if you love Bloody Marys, you'll get it. If you're serious about quitting sugar, you need to get rid of all sweetness...

Sarah Wilson
January 21 2014

Yum! Holiday Stuffins That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Looking for a way to have a healthy Thanksgiving this year?

Sarah Wilson
November 24 2013

The 5 Foods I Banned When I Quit Sugar

Essentially, quitting sugar means quitting fructose, for good.

Sarah Wilson
June 21 2013