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Sara Courter

To Retreat or Not To Retreat, That Is the Question!

Have you ever found yourself intrigued by the idea of a yoga retreat? But perhaps you were afraid it would be too daunting, or that you were a...

Sara Courter
July 11 2012

Harnessing The Breath

How is it that “the breath” can be the most obvious and yet the most elusive notion at once? As human beings we must breathe to survive – that’s the...

Sara Courter
June 27 2012

The Golden Rules of Intuitive Eating

What the heck does intuitive eating mean, anyway? In a modern-day world of fad diet madness, it’s incredibly to wade through the mess of slenderizing...

Sara Courter
June 25 2012

Why Am I Crying During Savasana?

Oh, Savasana…I like to refer to certain yoga classes as “the onion type.” While some yoga classes leave me bursting with energy, and others leave me...

Sara Courter
June 21 2012

How Yoga Is a Foundation for Positive Body Image

As I sit here grooving to YogiTunes, I cannot help but overflow with gratitude for how comfortable I feel in my own skin. I credit yoga for this sense...

Sara Courter
June 16 2012