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Sara Courter

Why Rest & Recovery Are So Important For Adrenaline Junkies

As an athlete, rest and recovery are an integral part of any training program. As an adrenaline junkie, not so much. "No rest for the weary" is not a...

Sara Courter
November 20 2014

Why Changing Means You're Living A Radically Authentic Life

I've had the honor of being a MindBodyGreen contributing author for a year and a half now. I adore this community, and being published here truly was...

Sara Courter
December 9 2013

10 Ways To Make Eating Healthy Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Who doesn't want to make healthy eating easier? Here are 10 simple ways to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

Sara Courter
October 24 2013

What Is BPA, Anyway?

You know you should avoid it, you've been told it's in plastic and the lining of canned foods .... but what is BPA, and why, exactly do we want to...

Sara Courter
October 9 2013

What I Learned From A Retreat At An Ashram

OK, so I only lived on an ashram for 11 days, but still. Time passes with purpose when you're camping and isolated from the hubbub of cell phones,...

Sara Courter
September 16 2013

How To Chill Out When You're Rushing Around Like Mad

The other day it really struck me, as I rushed to gobble my lunch during my precious 30-minute break, how much we're slaves to the clock. Wake up when...

Sara Courter
August 12 2013

Let's Take A Moment To Celebrate Nutritional Yeast!

I recently shared a loft with a bunch of fellow yogis and yoginis for Wanderlust, and it came to my attention that some people are still not sold on...

Sara Courter
July 31 2013

I'm Not Afraid Of Death Anymore, And I Have Yoga To Thank

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but the other day I was driving to work and I thought to myself, "I could die right now and be completely and...

Sara Courter
July 15 2013

I Quit The Gym And Found The Best Health Of My Life

I'm not a gym hater by any means. I worked in a gym (and thus worked out in a gym) for five years. I lead a very active lifestyle: I go to the yoga...

Sara Courter
July 10 2013

The Supplements You Absolutely Need To Take

"I eat a healthy, plant-based, balanced diet, so why do I need to take supplements?"

Sara Courter
June 11 2013

Achieve Instant Relaxation With A Simple Breathing Exercise

Do you suffer from stress? Ever feel like you can’t catch your breath? Does shallow breathing ever cripple your ability to find zen amidst chaos?

Sara Courter
May 7 2013

Confession: I'm Obsessed With Bodies. Mine Included.

It sucks to admit, and it frankly frustrates the hell out of me, but I'm obsessed with bodies. Mine included. I was gleefully in denial of this fact...

Sara Courter
April 17 2013

3 Yoga Poses For Improved Digestion

Proper digestion has the ability to make or break one’s holistic wellness. Digestion is the nucleus of our energy regulation, and we don’t operate...

Sara Courter
April 16 2013

3 Attachments That Are Dragging You Down

I’ve only just begun a dedicated practice of vairagya, which is non-attachment, and it's a beautiful thing. At times, though, it's frustrating when I...

Sara Courter
March 28 2013

12 Reasons To Use Incense

I grew up with incense. My dad would burn it on weekend mornings, the healing fragrance drifting from the ledge of a windowsill into our home. 

Sara Courter
March 16 2013

3 Ways To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

Are you your own toughest critic? I am. Can you dole out stinging opinions to yourself like a black jack dealer? I can. Are you hard on yourself more...

Sara Courter
February 8 2013