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Sandy Weiner

7 Signs You're Dating The Right Person

Don't be afraid to walk away if your basic needs are not being met. There are millions of singles in the world. Move on and find a better fit. And...

Sandy Weiner
April 4 2017

How To Heal From An Abusive Relationship

The fact that you've never had a healthy relationship before doesn't mean you never will. You just have to break that pattern. Here's how to let go of...

Sandy Weiner
February 18 2017

How You're Sabotaging Your Date Before It Even Starts

No matter what, it's about trusting your instincts.

Sandy Weiner
January 27 2017

How To Tell If Someone Loves You (Even If They Don't Say It)

Saying "I love you" is just one of the ways we express our feelings. But does it outweigh the rest?

Sandy Weiner
January 9 2017

Can A Relationship Work If Only One Of You Wants To Be Exclusive?

"Our conversations were getting progressively hotter, and I was curious whether we'd still have that incredible chemistry we had years ago. He wanted...

Sandy Weiner
December 11 2016

How To Turn A Booty Call Into A Real Date

"This is a story of how I turned a booty call into a proper date."

Sandy Weiner
November 16 2016