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Yoga In Jerusalem Through The Lens Of Photographer Robert Sturman

These photos from a single day in Jerusalem will make your jaw drop.

Robert Sturman
May 3 2016

How One Young Yogi's Courage Changed Me Forever

In 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa as a resident artist for Africa Yoga Project, an organization that educates, empowers, elevates,...

Robert Sturman
April 8 2016

The World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Turns 97 Today: Happy Birthday, Tao!

Today at 97-years-old, Tao Porchon-Lynch is the world's oldest living yoga teacher, recognized by the Guinness World Records since 2012. The former...

Robert Sturman
August 13 2015

Yoga In Central Park: 25 Photos That Capture The Magic Of NYC

I love working in Central Park when I'm in New York. Each time I visit, the landscape is dramatically different. In the spring, the skies were a vivid...

Robert Sturman
June 28 2015

Mother's Day Yoga: 17 Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Editor's note: Whether it's prenatal yoga, mommy-and-me classes, or offerings at many schools around the country, we're seeing a steady rise in kids'...

Robert Sturman
May 10 2015

Yoga In Chicago: 18 Photos From The Windy City

The folks of Chicago are some of the most passionate people I've had the honor of working with throughout my travels. When I arrived there last...

Robert Sturman
April 30 2015

An Inspiring Yogi Takes His First Hike

Some things flow straight from the soul — effortlessly and without thought. That's how my work in the past with Tommy Valencia has been.

Robert Sturman
March 29 2015

Wish You Were Here: Yoga Photos From The Sunshine State

I would have never imagined that Florida was going to be one of the more prolific photo expeditions of my career. I decided to make the trip from Los...

Robert Sturman
March 22 2015

Yoga In Photos: A Roadtrip Through The Enchanting American Southwest

A few weeks ago, I took a road trip to Sedona, Ariz. from Santa Monica, Calif. down Route 66 with my girlfriend/model/muse, Ashika. We were both asked...

Robert Sturman
March 13 2015

Yoga In Photos: Asanas At The Ancient Temples Of Thailand

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of traveling through the mysterious and timeless temples of Thailand with four dear yogi friends. As an artist, I am...

Robert Sturman
November 6 2014

A Yogi In Uniform

Officer Milo is a yogi whom I have the honor of practicing with at my neighborhood studio. He takes his yoga off the mat and embodies what all police...

Robert Sturman
September 30 2014

Yoga With Friends (Adorable Photos)

Life with friends sweetens, soothes and sillies the soul. Here's a few of my favorite poses with friends.

Robert Sturman
June 25 2014

Yoga In The Heart Of New York City (Incredible Photos)

New York City has increasingly become one of the most inspiring cities in the world for me to work in. The energy and architecture of the city serve...

Robert Sturman
May 23 2014

An Inspirational Yogi (Beautiful Photos)

What an inspiring and awesome model I recently had the honor of working with in my studio in Santa Monica, California. His name is Tom Valencia, and...

Robert Sturman
April 18 2014

Incredible Yoga Photos You Won't Believe Were Taken With A Cellphone

I may get in trouble for being on my phone too much, but the truth is, I'm working like I've always worked: with a passionate love for creation. I'm...

Robert Sturman
March 26 2014

Big Rocks & Big Skies: Yoga In Sedona, Arizona (Beautiful Photos)

The following new portfolio of images was created with Laura Kasperzak, someone who pushes the boundaries of artistry within the asanas and, on top of...

Robert Sturman
February 17 2014

Who Says You Can't Practice Yoga Pregnant?! (Amazing Slideshow)

The subject of this shoot, Amy Pastore, wrote the following about her participation in this project:

Robert Sturman
December 6 2013

Yoga In Florence & Rome (Wow!)

Italy! It's one of the most artistically inspired lands I've ever visited. I can only imagine that if Michelangelo had been with the yogis, the...

Robert Sturman
November 18 2013

Yoga In Autumn (Gorgeous Slideshow)

The following images were all created within the last three weeks, in the Northeastern region of the United States and Ontario, Canada, where the...

Robert Sturman
November 4 2013

Yoga With Kids (Sweet Slideshow)

Seeing the joy in a child brings me back to the simple, innocent and wonder of this beautiful life. So when I have a chance to capture the joy of...

Robert Sturman
October 9 2013