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Rebeca Plantier

24 Stress-Busting Holiday Hacks To Help You Save Time & Stay Healthy

If you're like most of us, December is a month of rushing around to shop, bake, plan, and attend parties. We finish the year tired, annoyed, sluggish,...

Rebeca Plantier
December 3 2015

7 Ways French Women Do Childbirth & Breast-Feeding Differently

Here is what I’ve noticed about how women in France approach childbirth and breastfeeding.

Rebeca Plantier
October 13 2015

France's Favorite Vegetable Dish Simplified

My Aunt Mounette is from Hyeres, the oldest (and extremely charming) resort town on the French Riviera. She's the type of woman who can work out for...

Rebeca Plantier
September 4 2015

10 Tips For Teaching Your Children Healthy Eating Habits

I don’t want junk food to become the forbidden fruit they gorge on later when they start to make their own food decisions.

Rebeca Plantier
August 24 2015

The Secret To Aging Like A French Woman

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by people who thrive later in life. Hearing about senior citizens running races, climbing mountains,...

Rebeca Plantier
July 14 2015

Easy Summer Salad That's Loaded With Healthy Fats

This super-easy salad gives you those omega-rich ingredients so vital for health, and the healthy oils are particularly good for hair and skin for...

Rebeca Plantier
July 16 2014

21 Ways To Stay Healthy When You Sit At A Desk All Day

We sit down at the office, then we sit in the car, and once home, we sit to eat and watch TV!

Rebeca Plantier
May 28 2014

Why The French Love Dandelions (And Why You Should Too)

Forget all those preconceived notions about garden weeds. Come spring, it’s dandelion season in France and Italy.

Rebeca Plantier
March 21 2014

13 Ways French Women Treat Themselves Right

The entire world envies the French woman’s je ne sais quoi: looking chic in an effortless way. Being slender without dieting. Being attractive...

Rebeca Plantier
February 26 2014