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Rachel Trotta

The Do's And Don'ts Of Toning Your Midsection

Crash dieting is pretty much the worst thing you can do.

Rachel Trotta
January 4 2017

The Healthy Way To Use Fitness & Food Trackers

Use your tools—don't let them use you.

Rachel Trotta
May 3 2016

10 Exercises To Prevent Running Injuries

Do you love to run, but experience nagging soreness and muscle strains afterwards? I ran, jogged and sprinted through pain and discomfort for years...

Rachel Trotta
July 30 2015

Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone? 5 Ways To Break Free

I remember in 2008, a friend of mine was almost giddy with excitement about the arrival of his first smartphone. I was aghast at what seemed like such...

Rachel Trotta
April 29 2014