11 Articles by Madison Vanderberg

Madison Vanderberg

This Trick Could Be The Key To Teaching Kids To Eat Healthy

Here's how to get them ACTUALLY excited about healthy foods.

Madison Vanderberg
May 8 2019

Living Alone? You May Be More Likely To Struggle With Mental Health

Here's how to protect your mental health while living by yourself.

Madison Vanderberg
May 2 2019

Not Just Cute: Pets Are Very Good For Older People's Health

Our furry friends give us a sense of purpose—and they also keep us active.

Madison Vanderberg
April 3 2019

Heartbreak May Alter The Brain, Study Finds

Here's how "broken heart syndrome" might be affecting you.

Madison Vanderberg
March 5 2019

Half Of People On Dating Apps Are Looking For THIS

More people want something serious than you think.

Madison Vanderberg
February 10 2019

Here's Scientific Proof That Mindfulness Can Make Sex Way Better

It not only makes sex more satisfying—it also boosts your sexual self-esteem.

Madison Vanderberg
February 7 2019