20 Articles by Lynda Griparic

Lynda Griparic

Have Insomnia? These Yin Yoga Poses Will Put You Right To Sleep

You'll finally start logging eight hours.

Lynda Griparic
February 17 2017

The Unexpected Causes Of Your Constipation

Stress has way more consequences than you might have thought.

Lynda Griparic
January 10 2017

How To Enjoy A Party + Keep Your Health Goals In Check

Embrace the merriment AND feel your best.

Lynda Griparic
December 3 2016

Simple Ways To Optimize Your Digestion

"Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body.”

Lynda Griparic
September 28 2016

8 Ways I Changed My Relationship With Food & Overcame Anorexia

"I now truly understand how food and social interaction provide information to nourish the body and stoke the fire of happiness."

Lynda Griparic
August 21 2016

10 Surprising Causes Of Constipation + How To Fix It

Hint: diet and lifestyle are big factors

Lynda Griparic
April 21 2016

Green Banana Flour: What It Is + How To Use It To Make Healthy Treats

I loved Golden Rough (the Australian chocolate and coconut treat) as a teen. I loved everything about them: the crunchy texture; the smooth, sweet,...

Lynda Griparic
April 2 2016

13 Tricks To Have A Great Poop, Every Time

It starts with letting go of what you don't need.

Lynda Griparic
September 25 2015