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Kenden Alfond

3 Tips For A More Plant-Based Rosh Hashanah Celebration

Who hasn’t left the table after a holiday meal feeling stuffed and bloated?

Kenden Alfond
September 9 2015

Why You Should Never Stop Writing By Hand

We have laptops, digital notebooks, and smartphones to capture our thoughts. It raises the question, does pen-to-paper writing matter anymore?

Kenden Alfond
September 8 2015

How To Cook Your Best Passover Seder Ever (And Actually Enjoy It)

We all want Passover to feel meaningful and special. It is easy to make the mistake that “special” equals overdoing it in the food department. I’d...

Kenden Alfond
April 2 2015

7 Loving Ways To Get Your Parents To Eat Healthier

I don't know about you, but as I age — and as they age — I worry about my parents.

Kenden Alfond
March 3 2015

7 Ways To Eat More Plant-Based (And Still Have Insanely Delicious Meals)

Did you resolve to eat leaner and greener and healthier this year?

Kenden Alfond
January 14 2015

What Living In India Taught Me About Food

I distinctly remember getting off the plane in Chennai, India for my first overseas position with American Jewish World Service. I was 28 years old,...

Kenden Alfond
December 25 2014

5 Ways To Have A Healthier, More Plant-Based Hanukkah

Don't you love a good, traditional Hanukkah feast?

Kenden Alfond
December 15 2014