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Katrina Love Senn

The 5 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss + Why They're Wrong

Would you love to lose a few pounds, but aren't sure what you should and shouldn’t be eating? The good news is that there's never been more...

Katrina Love Senn
June 6 2014

How I Healed My Body & Lost 60 Pounds Along The Way

Do you ever find yourself craving foods that you don’t want to eat? Do you ever feel guilty after eating food you wished you hadn't? Do you find...

Katrina Love Senn
June 2 2014

How I Lost More Than 60 Pounds With These Healing Secrets

Do you suffer from excess weight? Would you like to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or a lot more? Are you sick of dieting or food restrictions? If you...

Katrina Love Senn
May 25 2014

3 Surprising Ways To Get All The Benefits Of Quinoa

Quinoa is an ancient food and is called a superfood for its tremendous health benefits. Quinoa was sacred to the Incas and even today, is often...

Katrina Love Senn
May 13 2014

4 Simple Rules To Lose Weight

For many years, I waged a war with my tired and heavy body. I was 60 pounds overweight and convinced that life would be much better if my thighs were...

Katrina Love Senn
May 3 2014

7 Foods That Are Great For Natural Weight Loss

I healed my body naturally from chronic disease, and in the process lost over 60 pounds, without drugs, deprivation or surgery. Along the way, I...

Katrina Love Senn
April 23 2014

25 Ways To Experience A Breakthrough In Your Life

Do you wish your life were different in some way? Do you feel unhappy, stuck or trapped? Do you feel bored and unfulfilled? Do you feel like there's...

Katrina Love Senn
April 17 2014

3 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Way To Beat Stress

If you live a busy life, then it's vital that you learn how to reduce stress, and thus, decrease your risk of suffering stress-related health...

Katrina Love Senn
December 5 2013

8 Easy Ways To Feel Great Instantly

As an international yoga teacher and healer, I know that life is a journey and the path to our dreams isn't always smooth! My clients frequently ask...

Katrina Love Senn
August 11 2013

10 Instant Energy Boosts To Help You Beat Stress

Is stress, worry or anxiety getting you down? Do you frequently feel like there's too much to do but not enough hours in the day to get it done?

Katrina Love Senn
April 30 2013

Why Everyone Needs Healing (Even You)

Would you like to feel more energized, healthier and happier?

Katrina Love Senn
April 24 2013

9 Foods That Healed My Body + Belong In Every Kitchen

Food is a subject very close to my heart. As a young girl, I loved being in the kitchen, baking, cooking and creating new recipes.

Katrina Love Senn
February 17 2013

5 Tips to Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

I often joke that yoga is my religion. And yet, as much as I love yoga, sometimes I find myself searching for fresh inspiration to re-energize my...

Katrina Love Senn
November 14 2012

5 Tips to Stay Healthy in Autumn

One thing we can always be guaranteed of in life is change. Nature reminds us of this in the ever-changing rhythm of the seasons.

Katrina Love Senn
October 15 2012

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

If you are trying to be healthy and avoid or cut back on sugar, wheat and dairy, breakfast can be the trickiest meal to find healthy but decent...

Katrina Love Senn
August 18 2012

9 Must-Eat Foods for Vibrant Health

The real secret to healthy eating and creating vibrant health is to have easy access to the right types of foods in your kitchen cupboards.

Katrina Love Senn
August 9 2012

5 Healthy Habits You Should Start Today

Last month, I was working with a lady who told me that she had tried everything to transform her health but had still not found the 'elixir of...

Katrina Love Senn
August 3 2012

8 Must-Have Kitchen Items for Healthy Living

Last year, my husband Damien and I bought a 19th Century Victorian home about an hour from London down by the sea. We are in the process of converting...

Katrina Love Senn
July 25 2012

Stop Doing These 3 Things to Transform Your Life

Would you like to live a life that you love? Well, here's a thought. Maybe, all that is standing between you and your dream life are just a few, old...

Katrina Love Senn
July 20 2012

7 Signs You Are Ready for Change

We only need to look to nature to see that change is a natural part of life. If you have a feeling that you want to change something in your life,...

Katrina Love Senn
July 13 2012