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Erin Motz

This Is Why You're "Bad" At Yoga

There's no shortage of yoga success stories touting the seemingly infinite benefits of yoga. Practitioners everywhere will probably tell you how...

Erin Motz
May 21 2015

DIY: Super-Simple Eye Makeup Remover

A clean and affordable DIY makeup remover.

Erin Motz
May 22 2014

Want Healthier Candy? Here Are 4 Companies You Should Know

I typically don’t have a major sweet tooth and I’m more likely to crave the 4 ounce filet after dinner than an ice cream sundae. But sometimes even my...

Erin Motz
May 20 2014

5 Snacks To Always Keep In Your House

Snacks are a major weakness for many folks, so let me help you out! Here are a few staples you should always have on hand:

Erin Motz
April 21 2013

Simple Yoga Poses To Ease Lower Back Pain

Discomfort in the lower back is no fun and is definitely one of the most common complaints out there. Since massages are expensive and aren't always...

Erin Motz
March 1 2013

3 Ways To Use A Foam Roller

This one is no joke!

Erin Motz
December 18 2012

Yoga Teachers: Just Be Yourself

It’s 10 am, and the air is so thick with humidity I could swim through it. I can still hear the low slow symphony of clicks and ribbits outside even...

Erin Motz
August 9 2012

How to (Safely) Teach Anyone to Do A Headstand

These two tips will save anyone struggling with sticking this pose.

Erin Motz
July 29 2012

8 Dirty Little Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

Just when you thought you knew what I was thinking during yoga class.

Erin Motz
July 23 2012

10 Minute Yoga & Pilates Abs Sequence for Home

While I love teaching my yoga and Pilates classes, I’m not a fan of going to the gym for a full-on balls-to-the-wall workout.

Erin Motz
May 25 2012