10 Articles by Raphael Kellman, M.D.

Raphael Kellman, M.D.

Sneaky Things That Are Damaging Your Microbiome

As a functional medicine doctor and an expert in gut health, I wish more people understood the potential harm these three modern practices could cause...

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
March 15 2016

What I Wish Everyone Knew About The Thyroid: A Functional MD Explains

This little butterfly-shaped gland located in your neck affects everything. Here’s what you should know about the thyroid and your overall well-being.

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
February 2 2016

Why You Should Be Eating More Garlic

Garlic is one of the most amazing health foods I know. It’s rich in inulin, a plant fiber that both nourishes the microbiome and helps heal the gut....

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
October 20 2015

Why The Microbiome Is Your Key To Glowing Skin & Healthy Weight

The microbiome is the tiny universe of bacteria that exists inside every human body. In the past, we only focused on the ways harmful bacteria...

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
March 14 2015

15 Tips To Take Care Of Your Microbiome

The greatest medical turnaround in the past 150 years is the discovery of the microbiome, the community of bacteria living within our gastrointestinal...

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
August 14 2014

Why Fermented Foods Are Good For Weight Loss, Mood & Glowing Skin

Groundbreaking new research has revealed the importance of the microbiome, the vast community of bacteria that lives within us. It turns out these...

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
July 31 2014

5 Foods To Help Wean Yourself Off Sugar

My patient Lynette was almost in tears. “Every diet I’ve ever been on has failed!” she told me in frustration. “And it’s always for the same reason —...

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
July 15 2014

Why Prebiotics Are Just As Important As Probiotics For Gut Health

One of the questions I get asked most often is about the difference between probiotics and prebiotics. I get it: the names sound pretty similar, and...

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
July 1 2014

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Microbiome

If you had to name the most exciting recent medical discovery, what would you say? As a physician, I know my answer, hands down: the microbiome.

Raphael Kellman, M.D.
June 16 2014