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10 Yoga Poses For A Strong Core

Core work gets a lot of press these days — and rightfully so. Having a strong core is not about creating washboard abs. It’s about having an engaged...

Ashley Turner
December 23 2015

10 Power Mantras To Help You Combat Stress

The holidays are a sacred season of joy, celebrating with loved ones, giving, and cheer. But they can also conjure stress and loneliness.

Ashley Turner
December 16 2015

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Discover Your Feminine Power

In the yogic understanding, our feminine power — or Shakti-prana — is our ability to create and birth life itself or to turn any dream and vision into...

Ashley Turner
November 18 2015

5 Keys To Becoming An Irresistible Woman

A recent heartbreak left me asking questions and searching urgently for understanding. What was the pattern we had become trapped in that clearly did...

Ashley Turner
June 21 2015

The Anti-Aging Powers Of Yoga & Breathwork

While many of us wish we could slow the hands of time, we must still face the fact that it is impossible to stop the aging process completely. We do...

Ashley Turner
January 29 2015

5 Beliefs That Are Messing Up Your Meditation Practice

In beginning a meditation practice, common (almost universal) challenges arise. Some of these have to do with myths of meditation. Others relate to...

Ashley Turner
April 18 2014

How Meditation Changes Your Brain Frequency

As yogis have known for centuries and scientists can now prove, the benefits of meditation are profound. Meditation is perhaps the most crucial...

Ashley Turner
February 5 2014

11 Diverse Ways To Use Lemon Essential Oil

When life gives you lemon essential oils, make lemonade ... or a naturally disinfecting cleaner.

Ashley Turner
April 25 2013

Essential Oils For Cancer Support

Cancer. Just writing the word gives me goosebumps as I think of people I know who have been affected by this disease. Statistics show that one in...

Ashley Turner
April 18 2013

Essential Oil Tips For Weekend Warriors

Spring weekends mean more time spent outside playing in the sunshine. Whether you're training for a 10K, pulling up weeds in your garden or getting in...

Ashley Turner
April 11 2013

Survive Spring Break With These Essential Oils

Spring is officially here! For many, this means spring break and a week or two away from school or work. Whether you're headed out for a great...

Ashley Turner
March 28 2013

Essential Oils To Ease The Transition From Pregnancy To Motherhood

Many essential oils are known for their ability to calm and soothe, which means they're perfect for balancing emotions during pregnancy, postpartum...

Ashley Turner
March 21 2013

13 Common Ailments You Can Treat With Peppermint Oil

Peppermint (Mentha piperita), like lavender, is another incredibly versatile essential oil! Known as one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs...

Ashley Turner
March 15 2013

4 Natural Remedies For Cold & Flu Season

While the best cure for cold and flu is prevention, it's also great to be prepared with natural remedies if and when sickness strikes.

Ashley Turner
March 8 2013

4 Essential Oils For Natural Winter Skin Care

Among the list of goals we set to practice healthy living, revamping our skin care routine is rarely at the top. Diet and exercise are great for body...

Ashley Turner
February 28 2013

13 Uses For Lavender Oil: The Only Essential Oil You'll Need

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils. Here are 13 ways you can incorporate lavender in to your daily life.

Ashley Turner
February 21 2013

5 Essential Oils For Love & Sensuality

It’s February and the season of love is upon us! As you know from the Essential Oils 101 guide last week, the fragrance of an essential oil can...

Ashley Turner
February 14 2013

Essential Oils 101

While teaching at the NYC Yoga Journal Conference in 2009, I had an experience that changed my life. Donna Karan had just launched her Urban Zen...

Ashley Turner
February 7 2013