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Alexa Nehter

Energizing Pre-Yoga Breakfast Smoothie

Not only is this smoothie beautiful, it's also full of nutritional goodness, giving you all you need for your yoga practice:

Alexa Nehter
February 25 2015

A Light Quinoa Kitchari Recipe That Will Blow Your Mind

Kitchari is THE Indian cleansing and healing food. It's a wholesome, nourishing dish especially for those who want to detox, yet also want to feel...

Alexa Nehter
June 14 2014

Yes, It's OK To Eat Before Yoga! 5 Foods To Enjoy

Many of my yoga students come straight after work to my afternoon classes and haven’t eaten since lunch. I hear things like: I'm just not 100% there...

Alexa Nehter
April 19 2013