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Terri Trespicio

4 Ways To Stand Up & Speak Your Truth (And Why It's So Important)

"I wish more people—especially women—got up and opened their mouths. Shared their stories, their brilliance, their insights. And that more of us don't...

Terri Trespicio
February 2 2017

Is Passion A Prerequisite For Success?

For every one person who is “living their passion every single day,” dozens more are scratching their heads and hating themselves because their...

Terri Trespicio
June 7 2016

The REAL Reason Women Without Children Want "Maternity" Leave

Stop waiting for the world to give you permission. Your life is enough; you are enough. Until you treat your own life with the respect it deserves,...

Terri Trespicio
May 5 2016

This Dating App Gives You ONE Swipe—Ever (And That Might Be A Good Thing)

"Love isn’t about finding the right person. It’s about becoming the right person.”

Terri Trespicio
March 25 2016