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Suki Eleuterio

5 Affirmations I Use Every Day For A Blissful, Stress-Free Pregnancy

I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant. It was a frigid day in New York City and the yellow taxi cabs were whizzing by on the streets...

Suki Eleuterio
July 28 2015

How To Effectively Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has a spirit guide (or several spirit guides), and each of us has the ability to listen to them.

Suki Eleuterio
January 23 2015

"I'm Not Skinny Enough" & Other Yoga Myths, Debunked

As a yoga teacher I often hear, “I could never do yoga, I can’t touch my toes.”

Suki Eleuterio
October 1 2014

In Defense Of Selfies

If you follow me on Instagram, you might get annoyed by my selfies. Here I am with tea, here I am after yoga, here I am before a big night out. I used...

Suki Eleuterio
September 5 2014

5 Ways To Give Thanks For The Sun

Summer is a time of full-spectrum light. The birds are chirping, the butterflies are hovering by, and the sun is shining bright. Many of us spend our...

Suki Eleuterio
July 4 2014

5 Everyday Moments You Didn't Realize Were Spiritual

There are moments in your life that will take your breath away, ones that will make you weep, and others that will fill you with joy. Although we tend...

Suki Eleuterio
March 16 2014