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Sarah Bivens

5 Ways To Still Feel Like Yourself When You're Pregnant

Remember to take time for *you* as you prepare to bring another magnificent human being into the world.

Sarah Bivens
August 29 2016

4 Warnings Every Pregnant Woman Hears + Why I'm Ignoring Them

"Childbirth is the most painful experience you will ever have."

Sarah Bivens
March 1 2016

7 Key Habits That Keep Me Happy & Healthy Every Day

As a lifestyle coach, one of the most common phrases I hear from my clients is, “I need more balance in my life!” Here are the daily habits I...

Sarah Bivens
February 6 2016

I Used To Be Addicted To Cheese. Here's How I Gave Up Dairy And Transformed My Health

To say that I used to love cheese is an understatement. I was a high priestess of the church of cheese and payed fromage, er homage, to its holy...

Sarah Bivens
December 16 2015