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Preeti Gundecha

Pistachio & Mint Pesto

This pesto is simple yet full of flavor. It can be used in many different ways — in cooked pasta, as a sandwich spread, on a grilled panini, or even...

Preeti Gundecha
April 28 2014

A Detoxifying Beet Salad For Spring

Spring is a popular time to detox from winter's heavy and comforting foods. However, if juicing and smoothies aren't your thing, this salad provides a...

Preeti Gundecha
April 14 2014

Roasted Veggie & Tempeh Salad

I absolutely love salads. Some days, especially when it's cold, my body wants something warm and comforting. This recipe gives me both—warming...

Preeti Gundecha
March 20 2014

Spicy Sweet Potato Salsa

This week I was in the mood for something different. I wanted something that captured all of the above tastes in one dish. As a result, I thought of...

Preeti Gundecha
March 6 2014

Beet Quinoa With A Hint Of Orange

My creative outlet is my cooking, and my cooking is my expression of love. I came up with this recipe to marry the beautiful color of red, along with...

Preeti Gundecha
February 18 2014

These Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers Will Steal The Show!

When cooking with bell peppers, I chop them or slice them and make them a small part of my dish. But I often forget that peppers can also be prepared...

Preeti Gundecha
January 27 2014

Protein-Packed Wholesome Millet Burgers

Summer is officially over and autumn is already here! It seems to me that a couple of months aren't long enough to enjoy all the fun summer barbecues....

Preeti Gundecha
September 26 2013

Sugar-Free Recipe: Strawberry Green Popsicles

Summer is the season for icy-cold treats. But, as a parent, I want my son to enjoy them without the artificial flavors, colorings, food dyes,...

Preeti Gundecha
August 26 2013

Healthy Zucchini Quesadillas (Vegetarian Recipe)

Tired of the same old cheese quesadilla? Here’s a spin on the old that's loaded with flavor and packed with vegetables for healthy nutrition. You’ll...

Preeti Gundecha
July 24 2013

Gluten-Free Recipe: Colorful Quinoa Salad

We've all been there: It's lunch time, you're hungry, your kids are hungry but you have no idea what to eat. You've run out of ideas to make food...

Preeti Gundecha
July 2 2013

Vegan Recipe: Colorful Asian Slaw

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means: It's the official kickoff of the summer barbecue season!

Preeti Gundecha
May 25 2013

Vegan Recipe: Super Simple Millet Pilaf

Most of us have good intentions when it comes to our health. We want to eat healthy, but life gets in the way. We run out of ideas, get stuck and our...

Preeti Gundecha
April 30 2013